Gang Stalking – Street Theater, and dumb-ass gang stalkers.

I just found out that they created a fake profile of me on Google. Their street theater is no joke and I can honestly say that they have gotten on my last nerve. These idiots will be the death of themselves, not just us…
They will literally attempt to take over every aspect of your life as if you gave them permission to do so. These people are puppets without really knowing why. And by the way, I have experienced the street theater over and over again and each time it seems to get more and more retarded. What Targeted Individuals go through is not just survival of the fittest (that is for d@^n sure) and, yes, gang stalkers are victims too but nothing in the scheme of things that these ‘trapped’ predators do lends to any naturalality in there own survival. I can’t see that any good human being’s first thought in survival would be to ‘microwave’ your supposed enemies with electromagnetic weaponry or rob another’s bank accounts. (And that is just a small part of it.) For anyone to be inbreded with so much hatred is torture all by itself.

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Modern chain gang

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Yesterday, I ended my blog by saying I would write about “street theater.”

Street theater is what you think it is.  The gang stalkers want to get you in trouble, so they create street theater.  Let’s say you’re  outside and they want to get you in trouble, they’ll try to get you involved in an argument.  A group of gang stalkers will make remarks to  make you angry.  You open your mouth, and before you know, there’s an argument going on.  What the gang stalkers will do is call the police.  The police arrive and  all the gang stalkers will turn against you.  They’ll say that you began the fight; that you hurt someone.  And other gang stalkers will agree with the story. The police already know about you and will blame everything on you.

Or let’s say you’re taking a walk, you see a man who…

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