Baiting & Bashing (B&B)

Baiting and Bashing… some of the techniques used when you are being gang stalked, mobbed, under the ‘Devil’s Switch’, etc…
-Maybe it is time for them to prove whether they are actually telling the truth without the use of ‘heresay’ and make-believe.
-Maybe in that, they will have a little more work cut out for them as they will have to obtain more physical proof.
-Maybe it is time for ‘God’s Switch’ to join the party?!
-Just maybe we would like more evidence to the fact that their lies are not just lies.
-Maybe it is time for the tables to turn in their direction.
-I invite our ‘gang stalkers’ to subject themselves to more ‘proof positives’ that when you are speaking of any Targeted Individual and the horrific woes that they undergo because of you, that you are telling the truth without misrepresentation or perjury.
As the old saying goes, “The truth will set you free”.
I wonder how much are they willing to go through to prove that what they are saying about Targeted Individuals in their being so-called ‘crazy’ without evidential proof is actually true? In that, could they even function without their network of ‘criminals’ guiding and protecting them?
Tell me…How would they like those apples if they were proven guilty over and over and over again?
I say, if they wanted to know the truth about anything (which they don’t); all they had to do was ask just to save them the trouble of so much indescribable, insane, unwarranted, drama…
What is it that they are really trying to prove? That their self-esteem is so low to being a -0 on the Richter scale?
According to this small blog fact, their personalities are not brand new. Someone has already had them figured out and those few will definitely know how to correct it…

The definition for the ‘Devil’s Switch’ according to the Urban Dictionary:
Devil’s Switch
The evil psychopathic person (Gang Stalk Rat) who enrolls someone into being gang stalked for many years, turns on the Devil’s Switch.
“I am able to ruin you socially. Remember I had
another achievement”
“You have turned on the Devil’s Switch”
“We could be under close surveillance. If they are
Professionals you cannot hide.”
It sounds true…
In sociopaths…

Psychopath Resistance

Personality disordered people regularly engage in this extraordinarily vile behavior. They get away with it time after time because they are deviously skilled at misleading others and obscuring what is actually going on. Watch out for staging and framing—or B&B!


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