Individual Targeting For Life Insurance Fraud Verified?


Notice to all TI’s: You are the victim of an organised criminal group operating worldwide who are attempting to slowly kill you for life insurance they will have arranged for you. People who claim to know you living in another country will have been recruited to arrange and pay for your cover.

The reason you are being `stalked’ is so they can gather information about you so that they can claim they knew you when they put their claims in after you have died. Your life insurance will be worth between £250’000 and £10’000’000 depending on the arm of the group that is targeting you.

The police and governments do not have the technology to stop it nor do they even know its happening due to problems with information being shared and victims not being believed.

This site explains in detail how its happening, why its not the government `experimenting’ and how you can protect yourself. I am someone who lived in a high crime area with the worst gang problem in the UK so I actually know about this group from both sides.

· The group arrange a victim’s life cover offshore before killing them using electronic weapons. They arrange offshore so that the victim cannot find out that cover has been arranged for them. They do this through identity fraud gangs and people traffickers who assist them and disseminate payments for the victims fraudulently obtained insurance cover. The victim’s identity will have been duplicated with a `double’ or lookalike of them having been created will have travelled abroad. While the `double’ of the victim is abroad they will have made bogus relationships with people who assume an `insured’ interest so that they can arrange policies very easily mainly through online providers. These people who the `double’ has bogus relationships with become benefactors of the victim’s insurance payouts once their `assisted death; is complete.

· The group has taken extensive measures to miss-inform targets and convince them that their attack is part of a state sponsored `stalking program’ or government experimentation is taking place. This is a completely false rumor. As a well connected a private investigation firm we have successfully found that an organized criminal group are behind these attacks and there is no government corruption going on. The government are not confirming this problem seemingly because they don’t generally know about it. The government do not generally know or believe these attacks are happening. The sole purpose of the attacks is to produce the symptom of death in an innocent victim while mimicking physical illness so that the death will appear to have occurred naturally so the group can claim huge sums of life cover (insurance) payouts

Innocent people in the UK are being killed by criminal gangs who are using a new murder method which is witness free and highly deniable. They are using Invisible Directed Energy to kill them for life insurance payouts,

The crime group arrange life cover easily, most through online providers. They use associated groups who will commit identity fraud and people trafficking offences to travel abroad to secure bogus friends and associates who are the benefactors of the victims insurance by creating a visually convincing `double’ of them. The impersonator will have travelled abroad and then made `friends’, a `partner’ and or `business partners’ or worked for an `employers’ who boast an insured interest so that they can become benefactors of the victim’s insurance cover.

The majority of victim’s will have been targeted simply because they lost a passport at some time in the past or enough Identification to fraudulently obtain one.

The attacks work by applying harmful radiation to a victims body and vital organs. This will kill them following several years of exposure.

Precisely directed radiation will have been directed at victim’s body parts and important vital organs in a way that causes their death to appear as it has occurred naturally or through physical illness. Sometimes the incidence of an induced stroke or heart attack has been reported to complete a target’s murder.

Once a target has died, a death certificate will be issued at hospital which is what the gang are interested in. They do not physically need to have the death certificate because the hospital will usually publishes information about the death which satisfies the relevant life insurance providers that death has taken place. The combined value of life insurance cover which the group will have arranged is rumored to be £5 million pounds for each `assisted death’ victim.

As soon as that death certificate has been released, members who are part of, or associates of the criminal group will proceed to enter claims for life insurance policies which they had arranged for their victim by posing as friends’, partner’s or business associates or employers.

The reason why victim’s are targeted is attributable to a theft offence. These offences involve interconnected criminal gangs who operate not just in the UK, but in other parts of the world too. At present, an estimated thirty-nine victims are being attacked continuously from UAV’s in the airspace above them fitted with Directed Energy Weapons . The use of these weapons gradually causes the symptom of death over several years in such a way that it mimic’s physical illness. The harmful radiation can be directed from multiple UAV’s which are 10’000ft (or higher) above from each victim. Some sources have suggested there may be more than thirty-nine victims in the UK who are currently undergoing attack, many may be unaware.

In any case, that estimated figure (based on a variety of factors including covert intelligence on the gang) has actually risen from there twelve victim’s in August 2004. to the current figure of thirty-nine victim’s in March 2013.

Prior to this information being made available through this excellent website, there has been little or no substantial and usable information produced about this crime owing to it Invisible nature and the very fact that victims are, in the main unable to grasp how it works technically, or indeed be aware themselves that they are being targeted and why. The author hopes that This information will allow victims and future investigators to begin investigating this crime of sheer malice and accept that the technology , although sophisticated in nature, this multi-faceted crime hhas several weaknesses as does the gang’s structure which is obviously hierarchical but wish centrality but with a lack of definable centrality among entities.

This is exclusive information which is the product of fifteen years research into criminal gangs in the UK.

One police force who surprisingly releasing information about the fact that there is “nothing that can be done about it”.

All victim’s will have lost a passport at some time in the past which would have been sold to a worldwide identity theft gang for up to £10’000 The gang create a lookalike or `double’ of you who will have travelled abroad and made false `friends’ or `business partners’ whom who have been enrolled as benefactors.

Read the entire blog at…
mstmha: I am not sure that I would buy his suggestion that these attacks are not government related. I have, unfortunately, had a different experience here in the USA. How can these thugs appear in our courtrooms as judges, lawyers, clerks, etc. if the government had nothing to do with it? Is he trying to reduce their crimes to a lesser lawsuit or sentence if they say that the government has no involvement? Or maybe things are just different in the UK. Your guess would be as good as mine. Either way, I know that to be BS. These gang members are always screaming about ‘fielding’ by the military. Is the military not considered government anymore?

I will, however, buy the suggestion that our tortures may be relative to fraudulent life insurance policies. I was amazed when I found this website because I actually questioned whether this was a reason for my own targeting. It was something that I blogged about in July of 2013 entitled Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs. Is It Possible? I guess I have now found my answer. Money has become so pertinent now that people do not mind killing off strangers or even their own family members for its sake. It is actually horrifying to know that these people are just sitting on their asses just waiting for me to die. No wonder I have not had the opportunity to get my life back together. I am not suppose to have one anymore. It makes me sad for my own children.

Now, I can’t say that I also buy his opinion that metal helps to reduce the effects of attacks on Targets. It seemed that anything as small as a bobby pin would help them even more in their attempts to wire up to me. Of course, I am not a rocket scientist but it really did look that way once small metal objects just started showing up all over my home. And yes, the targeting was worse.

Most targets already know that our experiences, although similar, have some differences. Targeting is designed around each individual. We don’t have any choices in the matter.

I have filtered some of the so-called facts from this website simply because our experiences are somewhat different and I would suggest that others do the same. And to think I was considering applying for a passport. Identity theft has been key in my targeting; would I be safe if I did or does it even matter?

And now that I think about, I cannot count how many times my family has stated that my ex-husband was seeing someone that looked just like me. Is she waiting for my passport I wonder so that they may continue in their scams? Mind you, just to be clear, his new wife does not look at all like me and she is much older and balding. So is this woman whom they proclaim to have so many similarities to my person another lover, perhaps? A stand-by whore, maybe? I guess, in that, only time will tell but I better not ever hear of him or anyone else that he is affiliated with collecting a dime off of my death. Why do we wonder why there have been so many reported hauntings? Souls cannot rest when they have been so absolutely violated. Especially in Virginia.

As to the rest of the information on the website, well, I guess anything is possible. I am bugged without consent. They read my thoughts and manipulate everything that I do. I can only assume that I can forget about any future happy endings. THIS IS SOME VERY ‘SICK’ SHIT!

Now. if your curious, You can visit my blog entitled Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs. Is It Possible? at the link below to view my original thoughts on this subject.


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