The Internet Information Black Market-Your confidential personal and business information for sale…


Whether it occurs through loss or theft, hacking, spyware and crimeware, or human error, the ongoing exposure of confidential consumer and business information through data security breaches fuels a thriving internet black market in which this sensitive information is traded, sold, and re-sold on a daily basis through online black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums.

The stolen information obtained through these sources is then used to defraud unsuspecting consumers and businesses.

“…the account holder will know it only when all is over.”

How much is my information worth on the internet black market?

How much could your personal or business banking and credit information be sold for? The answer might surprise you…
According to the January 2011 Panda Security report, “The Cyber-Crime Black Market: Uncovered,” here are some of the current going rates:

Payment & Banking Information/ Price
Credit card details/ From $2 – $90
Bank credentials/ From $80 to $700 with
guaranteed balance
Bank transfers & check cashing/ From 10% to 40% of the total
PayPal credentials/ $10 & up with no guaranteed
Online store & payment platform credentials/From $80 to $1500 with guaranteed balance
Physical (cloned) credit cards/ From $190 + cost of details

Services & Equipment to Commit Fraud/ Price
Card cloners/ From $200 to $1000
Fake ATM machines/ Up to $35,000
Design & publish fake online store or website/Varies based on project scope

Read the full-length article…

mstmha: Targeted Individuals should know for a fact that these crimes and methods really do exist. Identity theft, unfortunately, is being used frequently as part of their targeting and it is, no doubt, depleting every dime that they have worked so hard for and every dime that they have yet to make.

For these cons to so boldly publish their scams online in such a way leads me to believe that there must be a very powerful figure guiding them to do such horrific crimes, whereas, in the real world, imprisonment would have been nothing short of a guarantee.


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