#51 Transhumanism, Technology & the Future with Natasha Vita-More – Podcast

mstmha:”It is a self directed evolution…” says Natasha Vita in the video. Well, if that is the case why are we being targeted without our consent? Are we simply testing subjects that are being used to evolutionize their own bloodlines and not our own? It is what it seems folks. As I have stated before, they are out to protect their own interests, not ours. Why do we not, now, have a vote as to what happens to our own bodies? Why are they attempting to force upon us what we should want or require for ourselves if it is “self-directed”. Who gave them power over our bodies? The bodies in which they could and could never have created in its origination?
You can, obviously, see why one of the best descriptions of these psychopaths would be that they are sociopaths on the brink of attempting to maintain control over what they cannot?

It seems that they are so desperate in their attempts of ‘God-ism’ that they fail to realize that their subjects, even after their grand experimentations, are still quite human. We were never born as robots and it is too late for us to ever be re-created in that way.

Oh yeah, by the way, did Natasha seem as if she may have already have been transhumanized? In the video, it just did not seem as if she were all there, if you know what I mean. Her facial features, responses, and her bodily reactions seemed to me to be rather robotic and scripted.

Can someone please explain to me why these Transhumanists get such a kick out of pretending to be the “Saviors of the World”? Engineers can’t even create a plane that will stay in the air, a boat that doesn’t sink, or any other technology that doesn’t require maintenence. How in the hell do they feel as if the transformation and experimentations of our bodies would result in their everlasting utopias? What man creates is inevitable to fail because man is not God.

Now I am stuck to deal with a body that have transformed to the likes of them and I will eventually have to pay for it against my will. I may die before my time because of these sick and persistant individuals. I am missing out on so much because of their selfish obsessiveness and there is not anything that I can do about it while they attempt to create a better them. Assholes!

In God We Do Trust!
My Body!
My Life!


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