More Confessions of A Targeted Individual

Never in a million years would I have thought that the path in my life would have led to this. To the life of a targeted individual. Never in a million years did I imagine the man that I had once pledged my life to would even consider the fact of throwing me into a system that, not only makes no sense in its morality, but is also lethal in its ramifications.

My life has never been perfect but whose really has? I grew up in a small city where there were not a lot of opportunities for the youth but my parents made sure that I was well-rounded in many aspects. I can remember how busy I use to be in my teenage years. Track, cheerleading, scholarly clubs, you name it and even though I was not the best of students, I still had the experiences.

We were not rich. I have never, ever had a silverspoon in mouth even though I do joke a lot about being adopted. I swear that I cannot remember how many times I have asked myself and God… “Where are my rich parents?” because the life that I had imagined did not equate to the life that I had. It was quite funny.

The reason that I am writing this is because I would like to be expressive to the point of not being vague about my relationship with my ex-husband who has so unwittingly turned tricks to keep me away from children whom I have raised all of their lives. There was hardly a moment when I was separated from my children even when he and I weren’t together. And now he is trying to pull a fake along with my family and friends to prove hardly nothing outside of the fact that his new family is nothing more than a bunch of dickheads. (Please excuse my french.)

This man came from nothing. And in all honesty, I would have gave him away for free. As a matter of fact, no one on God’s green earth would have convinced me not to. And that is the truth. He claimed to be the son of an ex-secretary of the President of the Liberian government in which could possibly be true but so what. Why was he slumming it if his family was so important? Why did he ask me to marry him for greencard purposes if his family really had it going on like that? Why was he in the streets dealing and spending most of his time trying to be a rap star to no avail if he did not need to? Why was I, at nineteen, pregnant and sleeping on a mattress on the floor in an empty apartment. Folks, the real furniture that he ever had was the furniture that I paid for in the following years. And it was not in Africa, it was not in New Jersey, it was not in New York, but my own simple birthplace in Virginia. And by the way, guess who paid for it. Here is a secret, it wasn’t him.

“We had a family business making bricks,” he said, or, “I’ve got a property in Africa but my aunt who receives the monies will not give me my share.” Really? I mean seriously? Why is your fake so effective now? And even if it is not, baby, you are just like another one of us Americans just trying to make it. Do you not see it you bastard? Does schizophrenia run in your family so deep that you cannot see the difference between the gates of heaven and the fires of hell? Really?

Does he feel that his communists tactics and his lack of loyalty to his real family will get him any further than he is now? Does he feel that turning my own mother against me will win him brownie points? Sorry, but he may be sending the very likeness of him straight to hell. The games may be okay while everyone is watching. It may even be a little impressive as to how they can get over but do not ever count your eggs before they hatch. What’s good for the gander is not always good for the goose if you know what I mean. At some point he will have to reflect on what he has done to jeopardize his childrens’ and my future and by that time, it just might be too late.

Sadly, the only reason why he married me to begin with, as you all know, was for his greencard. He claimed, after the fact, that he was not ready to be a husband and I cannot say that he did not prove that over and over again. The sob stories, the crying, the mercy that he threw at me were endless but I learned that it was just a pawn to keep a roof over his head and money in his pocket. I have signed my name to at least three letters of invite for his family members to come into this country and he thanks me by trying to keep my children from me for what short times he has actually had them. It doesn’t seem quite fair does it? Well, he has never been fair and abusive is just a norm in his personality.

He loves the fact that he can always have one over on me because I have taught him so much. I was his real foundation and he was able to spread his wings because of me. He should be thanking me, not torturing me but, of course, we do have cultural differences. His family would rather abuse and torture rather than to act like real American adults. My question to them would be this. If you did not like the way your culture treated you then why abuse the American’s that helped you get on your feet. You did not like what was going on in your environment as to the reason you came here, so why abuse us? Why are you here? Is it just simply to take advantage of people? Did someone promise you something? If your life was so great wherever you may have come from then why did you flock here to the Americas’s and use us for your own rivivals? Sorry, but I do not think that greed is the main objective here. What I do believe is this, you have been led astray by one or more persons whereas it leads you to take it out on the wrong people. Tell me if I am right or tell me whether I am wrong.

I taught this man how to write his first check (as an adult), I bought his first suit, I taught him how to be more presentable to the public so that he could have more opportunities; and as my husband, I helped him with his depts and he with mine, I never refused him of seeing his children, yet he is doing that to me. I helped this man with his schoolwork and was there for his graduation at my hometown’s community college, yet I am just a few credit from earning my own Associate’s degree. It bothers me to this day that I put aside my own education, an education that I started when he was not around, in order to accomadate him.

Unbeknowst to a lot of his peers and to me myself as well, my family had claimed to be related to the one and only LA REID, a huge producer in the music industry. Now here is the hypocrisy When my he was told that my relationship with him might actually be truthful, he refused me to go with him when he was trying to get a deal. I remember the day that he told me that he had an interview with him and I told him the story.

When I was younger, one of my uncles had stated that LA Reid had been to one family reunion and never returned to another. I do not know how true that was but once my ex-husband had an opportunity to meet him, he never allowed me to go with him to clarify. It would have been nice to see who belonged to the other side of my family who were actually making it but my now-ex-husband refused me. Talk about an ego trip. It seemed to me that he wanted to have all of the credits for accomplishments, like most people. I am not going to knock him for that. Unfortunately, his evil did not payoff like he thought it would. To this day I still do not know the truth.

My family consists of so many names that it is ridiculous but the Reid’s are definitely my namesake even though I have never been a Reid on paper. I use to be proud of the Reid family, but now, I really do not know what to think or to believe. I was born before my parent’s were married and that was the bottom-line.. It really did not matter to me whose last name I carried as long as my family that I weined was ok. Does that make sense?

I am not here to be my ex-husband’s judge in anyway but I do know how God works…

What goes around comes around.

Jealousy is an evil too, you know.

I had the knowledge and the means to make my life better and his new family wanted to destroy that just to make it seem that they were better off.

That way of thought is so horrendous to the point of being sickenly insecure; but what can you do?

His new wife wants me to drop my last name. Can you believe that. She makes it seem that it was all important and even if it was; how is it benefiting anyone. What is she getting out of it. She shoud be sued simply because of the fact that she was literally srewing a married man whether or not we were separated or not. Her money is mine at this point. Nd then then she tries to manipulate my children that I raised to be good, honest human beings in which they no longer are. I do not know how many women have been threw this but I am sure that you would really consider the fact that this woman, in this circumstance, is due a very good ass-whooping.

I did not care if you had the man, the money, or lack thereof, but they do not have to get our children involved. If that is how you were raised, that is fine but you should not seek your purposes on other peoples families you trifling whore. I have made mistakes and that is true but it has never amounted to separating a family on purpose.

Let them drown themselves. That’s what I say. The meek shall rule the earth and these people are by no means wanting to be on that level so I will say to them, Hasta luega, Hasta la vista, whatever.

I did not have to be impress other people to be happy or nor did I shop off of someone else’s tab. Think about it.

To be continued…


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