An email from a friend who is a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL being tortured drugged bugged and murdered! What can we do?

Tortured, Drugged & Bugged! Targeting, Gang-Stalking, Covert Drugging, HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION, Morgellons Microwaves, Energetic, Entomological, and Genetic weapons, the silent warfare of Mind Control in America & abroad. Illuminating darkness: By Timothy Trespas, an innocent human victim of the New World Order.

Here is an email we received from a friend:
She stopped speaking to us and began attacking us verbally around the same time we were considering asking her to move in together with us so we could afford an apartment
This is typical of the evil operations of these folks
We feel so sorry for her
We pray for her
We wonder if moving in with her would help her more or hurt us more.
I remember going through many of the exact things she speaks of ( except I do not yet have diabetes) and it is/ was horrible, frightening, insane and inhuman torture
What do you do for this?
How do you help stop it?

I can assure everyone that there is in fact a basis in reality for everything she claims!

Her descriptions of things and her understanding of the how’s and why’s have been formed mostly…

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