My Message To God-Unconfidential

Dear God,

I am sitting here on this couch, in this room, on this computer thinking about the paths that I have taken in my life up to this point; and as I sit here and dwell on the many unfortunate events that I have experienced, I do see that they have been more than mere scrapes and bruises; I am still humble to only you, Dear God, because I have seen your many capabilities. And, yes, I do fear you.

Because I have been a victim of your wrath. I know, from experience, what your gifts can bring but still, I ask myself  why you chose me to become a victim of man’s satanic torments over and over again.  This is no dramatization when I say that I have been through hell and high waters for so many years; even before I became a targeted individual.  My life has hardly ever been a bed of roses.  I have never had a silver spoon in my mouth but even in that, I didn’t have to.  I had YOU.

At the moment, Dear God, I am a victim of the most heinous crimes known to man and I do not know what to do but to put my trust in you because I love you. I remember when I was in college and I was almost almost kidnapped but you saved me. Remember that? You brought two strangers in at just the right the time and I was saved. In that instance, something happened and it could only have been you. It was not coincidence. I also remember, when my ex-husband left me and my two children in a townhome in Atlanta in which he also lived (And by the way, he was granted sole-custody of my children by a probable gangstalker. What a laugh. And he evensato me me that YOU never meant for him to have a daughter but now he is trying to take her away.) and for almost two-weeks we lived with no lights and I prayed to you then that if you helped me to find a way to get on a bus back to my hometown then it would be your will. And it was. Thank you for sparing me.

And even in the light of being transhumanized and victimized so much that I almost died and still can, you are still my ‘Knight in Shining Armor’.  No man has ever displayed to me, in any circumstance, the lack of cowardice that you have embraced for, I, your child.

These programs of the NWO are, by no means, funny, God. Of course, you should remember how many times that I have prayed to you and sometimes I would clearly state that you really were, indeed, funny to have allowed me to travel the paths that I have traveled for so long. You know our hearts and so I am sure that you knew that my heart was a reflection of something entirely different. It was a reflection of something more positive even though it is a rarity to see it.

Do you recall my  exact phrase to YOU in which was pretty much always the same.

” God, you’ve got jokes.”

Seemingly, at the time that I poured my heart to YOU,  YOU had a lot of them but I still trusted you. As far as I was concerned, the punishments that I rendered had never suited my crimes but who am I to judge, right? I trust that things really do happen for a reason and not for the reasons of ‘mob masters’.

Even now, God,  these programs that the Devil’s advocates have instigated against everyone in every state and every country is a true awakening as to what the Devil’s intentions really are amongst your people.  How silly it was for us to think that our lives as we knew them, would probably never change as you continuously graced our presence with your love and support and spared those of faith of the pains in which we were so undeserved and even in the through the trials and tribulations, you still carried us when we could not carry ourselves.

Now, in our current day, It is as if they are mocking you, dear God. They are mimicing you to the point of  attempting to force people to sacrifice their lives for perjured affords. They have succeeded with many in making them believe that you do not exist.  Of course, those that are the real children of YOU, Almighty God, will do our very best in acknowleding whom truly guides us in every minute of our lives. We will make every effort as to not let you down.

The pain, that we have experienced as not just targeted individuals but of all people has been so horrendous in the Devil’s quest to conquer but, we, as YOUR, children will continue to praise your name forevermore. We were born in sin but not in unadulterated evil, in my opinion.

We know for certain that you do, in fact, exist but to those that are non-believers, well, of course, they will have to figure it out for themselves.  You will, no doubt, in my mind, show people who really is GOD. We, as your people will be guided only by the ONE who created us as ‘real’ humans because there is and will never be a power greater.

In closing, I just really wanted to express that you are the heart of my soul and the soul of my heart. You can do things that no one else can.  People want to be who you are but they cannot. To pretend that they can is not an easy feat and we can see that. Please continue to guide us in righteousness and save us from ourselves because we are our own biggest enemies.

I Love You.


Of course you know that I am no Monarch Butterfly or an Illuminati society member intentionally but the government’s programs have coincided with one another.  I have had my chance in the spotlight and I have appeared on national television. No big deal but as I look back at how my life has progressed as you designed, I see that you steered me in different direction. I am not naive to the fact that you already know what is better for me. I just hate that my children and I have had to undergo so much. I will take it as a learning experience and move on. I refuse to be threatened by the likes of these people. They can never be you, no matter the technology but let it be their temporary thrill until the real reckoning shows its face.

Now whether these butcherings have been intentional or not, Dear God, I still may never be a Devil’s advocate because… your love for me has been too strong.

I love you, Dear God. I will never be perfect but thank you for understanding.

In your name I will always pray…Amen.


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