Stalker Convicted and Sentenced-Organized Stalking

mstmha: Ok, we’ve got 1 down and how many to go?
If these gang stalkers suffer from insecurity, jealousy, or whatever the reason, would it not be in their best interests just to leave people alone? It comes down to the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” If they did not interfere in people’s lives to begin with, what could they possibly get angry at us about? Why should we be punished by those that we hardly know anything about? With invisibility, why would there be any right or reason to harm?

What did the government do to these people to make them so clueless to the realities of what is really right and wrong?

None of us are perfect, by any means, but the imperfections in the mentalities of these people leaves me to believe that the grass may really have been greener on ‘our’ side. ‘Our side’ meaning those that truly believe in ‘fair play’ and real justice.

There are good humans in the world that do not mind self-education in the traditional sense. Some of us did not mind self re-creation that, honestly, had nothing to do with the brainwashing techniques that are all-inclusive in the NSA’s (amongst others) gang stalking programs. Common sense is just what it is, in my opinion. Was it and is it that complicated to understand that the bullying of others leads to no restitution; not to exclude the gang stalkers themselves? Never will anyone ever, truly be happy. It seems, to be self-sufficient is now a sin if you want to live high and above society’s average standards. Your life’s expectancy is now get pimped or die.

On another note…
Abyssal is the black hole that we have been suctioned, deeper in the dark we go; but no matter our deprivation within their gluttonous behavior, in hell they will surely elope. It doesn’t take a ‘Live Set’ to realize that their “I do’s” are our definite “I don’ts”. All they had to do was ask.


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6 responses to “Stalker Convicted and Sentenced-Organized Stalking

  • sherlock1955

    When did this occur? Maybe it will give “pause” to some of these idiotic stalkers. Being sarcastic here: They say, “Oh, harassing is wrong?” Stupid, stupid, stupid people.

    • mstmha

      The video was uploaded on Oct 2,2011 and another on 12-3-2011.  Looks like TI’s still have a lot of work to do.   Comments from on Oct 2, 2011 The individual in question, one Christina Orozco, was tried and convicted of felony stalking. The tactics are all quite familiar to most Targeted Individuals. Upon conviction, Orozco promptly drove off a cliff. Unfortunately Orozco, or “the perp”, did not have the common decency to die a lingering death, or at least become horribly disfigured. Better luck next time.

      Now, here are some questions that were not addressed in the news report. How did the perp discover where the victim was seeking employment? How did the perp find out where the victims children attended daycare? Most intriguing of all is, how did the perp find out who the parents of the other children at the daycare were? I assume by copying license plate numbers in the parking lot of the daycare, then running the tags through a database. If so, that means police (google Randy Mucha) or private investigators were involved, AND the perp or her minions were camping the daycare. Isn’t that a happy thought?

      Overall, I doubt very much this is all the work of a single person. How does one gather so much information while holding down a full time job, I wonder? More likely, this is the result of a group of individuals using cheap over the counter GPS trackers and some “friends in high places”.

      Some other side notes of interest are, Orozco was a government employee, a lesbian, and from looking at her, some sort of cult wackjob. Christina Orozco is, in my mind, the archetypal gangstalking perp. As far as I am concerned, this is the single finest piece of evidence in support of the concept of gangstalking.

      The cat is out of the proverbial bag now. If anyone denies gangstalking, or says “you are not important enough to be stalked” be sure to show them this story, then watch them engage in some truly hilarious mental gymnastics. By using 1950’s era tactics (gangstalking is derived from East German STASI, Nazi, and Stalinist methods) in the Age of Information, and doing so in such a sloppy manner, our enemies have ensured that it is only a matter of time before this phenomenon explodes onto the public scene as Watergate did.

      Soon, we will be looking at a backlash very much like the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Just as in Romania, I look forward to the day when snitches and perps, like Christina Orozco, are identified, gathered up by the thousands, dragged out into the street, and given the Ceausescu treatment. It will be a good time to be a ropse slesman, I assure you!

      So all you fellow TI’s out there, be SURE to record your perps suspicious activities, license plates, and faces. I recommend the dirt cheap wearable camcorder called the Looxcie. The Looxcie has an “always on” rotating buffer with 4+ hours of storage. The most impressive feature of the Looxcie is that when you press the record button, the Loxxcie records the past 30 seconds in time. Yes, the Looxcie reaches back into the past.

      Since most harassment happens spontaneously, at least to the target, the ability to record what has just happened is incredibly valuable. Plus the basic version of the Looxcie can be picked up at your local Best Buy or Radio Shack for about $100.    


      • sherlock1955

        Thanks for the heads up on the recorder. I have to move. As soon as I do that, I will be more proactive with recording. Yes, I wonder if my stalkers know about the Stasi connection. I doubt it. They don’t think.

      • mstmha

        I understand your fear.  I am in the same circumstance but the thing that bothers me the most is that once your on the watch list, I have learned, they will follow you wherever you go. This is not to daunt your progression by no means but I am in conversation with another TI and they (her gang stalkers), literally, followed her from one state to the next at least three times as she tried to escape them. From my understanding, they will just create a new team of people to badger the heck out of you whether it is in state or out of state. I recall an email where she asked,” Is there anywhere that we can go?” I am still looking for an answer. Who would ever have known that we were surrounded by so many sociopathic psychopaths?  Life was more beautiful when I did not know that  so many existed.  The worst part of it all is that they now travel in groups. Be careful and I wish you the best of luck.    

      • sherlock1955

        Thank you so much. I am not leaving town. I am getting a divorce, the house sold, so I have to find a place to rent. I know that there is no place to go. I’m on the list to stay. I have true friends here. I’m looking for a church community. I can’t move. Though my Nemesis would like that – Nemesis = person who got you on the list to start with. i’m getting divorced, so I know who put me on this list. Interesting that things started just a tad before I said, “I am divorcing you.”

      • mstmha

        I work in customer service,and I cannot begin to tell you just how many people, especially women, have recently admitted that they are in the mist of a divorce.  Things are starting to really add up.  Men, it seems, are not men anymore, but of course, women are now in the same category.  To use these types of lethal programs in order to get their way with you or anyone is both immature and inhuman.  Lucky for us, God has a way of showing people who really is God.  They will figure it out eventually.


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