Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs-Is it possible?

Is it possible that Gang Stalking is the new ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme? Could it be that so many innocent people are being targeted because their families are attempting to make an easy buck?

I pray that the reason that I am being terrorized in my own birth city is not because of another one of my ex-husband’s infamous scams. The speculation that he could possibly have life insurance on my person without my knowledge has rather unnerved me. It would seem that it could possibly be another one of his own ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Believe me when I say, he had many of those and I would take a brain fingerprint to that any day. Because I wanted no part of his collective scams made no difference in his participations. The Sociopathic disorder that infiltrates his mind is how he continues to reign.

Especially knowing that he was never from the city that I was born. The city where I helped him rebuild and change his life around. The city where I kept a roof over his head and his children’s. I helped him bring his mother, his brother, and sister into this country when no one else would. His uncle wouldn’t help his own sister come into this country and he was naturalized. Can I assume that he knew what evils his own sister was capable of? Probably.

My hometown was the city where I helped guide him into a life that was more positive and family oriented. Now he was only a resident for a miserly five years, yet, he has pushed his ego and influence on those influential few that he met through his residency here and those that I have to live and work around. My ex-husband, a non-American, has aided in making my life so miserable in my own city that I know now who threw me to the wolves in the gang stalking program. His judge, lawyer, doctor, and other perpetrators have pushed me too hard for it to all be for just for pure restitution.
Do they have a pact? Of course, there are quite a few Masons involved. Are they hoping to split the money if I were to pass away? Is there bribery involved whereas he or someone else would lose a lot if they snitched. Quite honestly, I know for a fact, in the real world, outside of gang stalking, my ex would no doubt be imprisoned or deported. Without the help of others that were just like him, he would not stand a chance.

So, just to bring some comfort to myself, I did some minor research. What type of research? Well, it is the type that involves fraud in which my ex-husband is no stranger of. Life insurance fraud to be exact and I believe that targeted individuals may have to take note that this may have a lot to with why our families are making major attempts to destroy their own flesh and blood. To force suicide and any other dreadful extremity is a huge crime so why would they do it. I very seriously doubt that ‘CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER’ is a charge that no one would take lightly unless there was a lot of dollars behind it. Gang stalkers do not drive around with brand new cars on just a nine to five paycheck and to do there jobs everyday as a part-time does not make a lot of sense but, as we all know, we are dealing with the senseless. Imagine the wrap sheets of these mobsters if years (or maybe not that long) down the line, it suddenly comes to a point where they may actually be convicted of all of the crimes that they have committed. Have they forgotten that we are all under surveillance?

Of course, we also know that they make money by targeting us. It’s their job to target us but it seems that they have been very creative within their system, whereas, they can literally get away with murder with no convictions and huge paychecks. It is not all for null, not even a measly forty dollars. Promises are being made and as long as they have their network that they may blackmail and bribe to do their will, the sky is the limit. At least until they get caught by the right person at the right time.

Now referring back to my previous ponderings, the response to the question on whether an ex can have life insurance on an ex-spouse was as follows…

Can you have life insurance on an ex-spouse? Yes, there are two ways to have life insurance on a ex-spouse. Actually three. The first and simplest, is to have it in place before divorcing and be the policy owner. As Policy owner you control the policy. The second is have the EX agree to be covered and go through the process. Finally have the courts require the EX obtain life insurance. This third way is often over looked in divorce which is a shame because in support situations it makes perfect sense.

Now, most importantly, it also says…

…without the signature of the ex-spouse, you can’t move forward with the life insurance application.

Not as comforting as I originally thought, unfortunately. With the lies and manipulations of these people, the schemes and the black projects, and everything that they cuff securely to their sleeves, even without a signature on a life insurance policy, someone is most surely still getting paid.

What a sad world that we live in. They have indeed kneeled at the altar of the all mighty dollar. Timewasters and wasteful thinkers are amongst those we live. Sadly, they still do not realize that what they do to others can be done to them. If they think of themselves as safe then they are sadly mistaken. The dollar has just become to great.


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18 responses to “Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs-Is it possible?

  • sherlock1955

    Hi……………, that was one thing that scared me for a while – the possibility of there being a life insurance policy out on me that I didn’t know about. I made sure to change my life insurance as soon as I could (the one I know about). I’m in the process of getting a divorce. My almost ex husband put me on this list. How do I know? He was participating in gaslighting AND was home when someone else was doing some gaslighting. That was the day I figured out who was behind the horrible things I was experiencing. His parents both had very small roles in a few things. I should have figured out what a good actor he is a long time ago. I like the way you write…..clear and lay it right out there.

    • mstmha

      Yes, I am a victim of gaslighting, as well, within my previous marriage and even after the divorce.  I have literally heard my ex-husband tell my sixteen year old child that, “We are still trying to make your mother crazy,” during one of their phone conversations. Now, I am beginning to understand why at least 70% of gang stalking victims are women.  Men are getting to the point of taking what they never deserved to begin with by using tactics to hide the fact that their rise to assumable glory may have come from a good woman.  Instead of just admitting the truth, some would rather deface our names and livelihoods so that in someone else’s eyes, they may receive full credit when no credit is due.  Tis the wool.  Honestly, my biggest disadvantage was due to the amount of Masons that my ex connected with and he used this network solely to his own advantage and no one else’s.  Not even his own children’s.  Before my ex met me, he was a total louse as a man and a husband and obviously, still is to have gone to such an extreme to destroy everything that I worked so hard far. Men have become the biggest punks that I have ever seen. It is shameful.  And if it is all for the sanctity of a dollar, I wonder how many of them could honestly say that they have struck it filthy rich by gangstalking. Not a lot, I’m sure.  So what is it really worth?    Thanks for the compliment, too, by the way.  I have gotten too old to beat around the bush.


  • Helena

    It takes time to work out what’s really going on @ first. But I have had similar experience with an ex sociopath. The whole life insurance thing is quite possible. As he tried to have me killed which he denies. For my super which was in his name when we were together.
    I have been severely gangstalked, poisoned.
    For 8 yrs now. Including electronic harrassment. Will these people ever get caught. Why do people go along with this. Where is the justice.

    • mstmha

      You have just asked the questions of the ages. Even if we had a list of one thousand questions, the answer may probably be the same each time. Why do people go along with this? Simply put, in my opinion, it is the ‘love of money’. I am sorry to hear about what you have been through. Really, I am. I, quite frankly, would never have wished this type of tramatization on my worst enemy but, of course, you never can tell what is going on in people’s heads these days. Just because I wouldn’t does not mean that my family, friends, associates, and even my own ex-husband would not. And they did.

      Here is a quote that might interest you in your path to finding the truth:
      “Man is of no importance. Look at what happens when you starve him. He begins to eat his dead companions to stay alive. Man is only interested in his own survival. That is all that counts….”

      Bottom-line…the quoter spoke the truth. Greed has taken precedence over everything else. But please never forget that our perpetrators are also puppets to the satanists that rule the global world. They are victims, as well, to the elitest and their NWO agenda. Money has blinded everyone to the truth that even if they are being bribed; they are still not safe from the torments of our world governments’ and its leaders.

      The idea of money reminds me of what my mother use to say when I was young…”Well, you can’t take it with you…”

      Why, you ask? Well, in truth, the happenings of now have already been predicted many times over in the bible, the media, etc. but we just failed to pay attention.

      Where is the justice? The justice lies within all of us.

      Of course, money is necessary but it is how you use it that makes the true difference. It has been interesting to see how long their money is actually lasting. For example, did I hear that someone is actually attempting to shut down the government? And, in my opinion, that is not the end of it. They have done entirely too much for no real reason. (Talk about wasteful spending.)

      My only advice (and mind you, it is only advice) is to have patience in the real Master and His truth will set you free.

  • katie

    Why did they mention it…i promptly blewit on an aids patient whose christian family robbed him…closer but closer me thinks.

  • katie

    Jesus knows how that shamxtianity is an act…seriously believe he doesnt know…ask btk killer about that…maybe you need to clean up your lawn…mofo…mine was wherein i used his doomsday bucks for gender reassignment….and these closet homosexuals conspired to kil me over that… says thats not the reason…but i believe it plays a big role…theyve paid numerous christians to harass me and gays….at first he played along too…buying me female clothes and support…well i hope you folks are happy…youll get whats coming to you…and sooo worried your money will go to the oto

  • I wonder

    Its very possible that insurance is the main motive especially for some corporates. I worked for some company in Cape Town, South Africa and after understanding what gang stalking and electronic harassment are, it became clear that my employment for only for fraudulent profit (most likely insurance)

    It looks like the company hired me, right from the start, hired me with the plan of later driving me out to be completely unemployed, using gang stalking tactics, spreading a lot of lies to every single person I have ever known.

    I was placed under survillance, my work screen shared to the public, events of my private home shared to every one even sexual activities.

    On two occasions I nearly died, once while still at the company while sleeping, by throat become blocked for no reason an I could not breathe.

    Then right after leaving the company, a few days later I got a serious heart attack.

    • mstmha

      I am so sorry to hear that. Thank God for your survival! I felt the same way for quite some time about the life insurance theory. I am not going to deny what may be true. Our gang stalkers’ are nothing short of a crime ring or syndication that incorporates every crime imaginable, including life insurance fraud. It is apparently their “business”. You know…Mafia propaganda, so to speak.

      We share the same experiences but we both pretty much know that gang stalking is about as redundant as they come when describing criminal warfare. I have also found that they ‘never’ have good intentions even when your attempting to find work or your already working. Their people have infiltrated every business and every aspect of our lives. Do you ever feel as if we are living witness to a new ‘Purge’ Society where they are the only ones purging?

    • Michael Sanders

      Did the company take out an insurance policy on you?

      • mstmha

        Hi there. At the time of that particular post, I was without a job or any insurance of any kind. But I have heard about how the occult falsifies insurance policies for some of their victims in hopes that they will die and they can collect. This may be one of the reasons why some of us are being targeted so violently.

        Currently, I am still without life insurance; so any policies that someone may present would not be authorized by me. It is scary to even think about it because it is so extreme.


    It is possible that they could put a life insurance on you you could find out from a insurance company for a small fee like even your car insurance company that has life insurance to see what policys also I been going through this since 1988 ,also you can go to forensic science tech to detect the signal I found out to find where coming from Im going for that Idea next they use tripod large tube on stand which I caught redhanded but they moved quickly,they shoot these at power lines to go around your house wiring and long distance,

    • mstmha

      Wow. Where did you catch them and how? One thing is for sure, they get ultra creative when it comes to torturing their victims. It is amazing that there are so many people that are willing to go through so much trouble.

  • Donna Fisher

    This makes more sense than anything else I’ve read. Especially with the family participation and cops involved. I guess the cops and family split the money. Bunch of SCUMBAGS is what think of anyone involved in this.

  • Kim

    Oh my God you too? I thought I was the only woman in USA that was seeing life insurance policies popping up in my maiden name and offers for new polices. My husband is cheap with me but he pays this guy I’ve known for 15 years in gift cards to stick to me like glue. This guy is twenty years younger than I am. At this point it’s so insulting. It’s so obvious.i am no longer the nice me. I tell him to get away from me. Then hubby shows back up. They have this thing where they time it so I look like a raging slut to this Christian community I live in. They deny this connection between them and since I’ve pushed away my clingon it seems they have become closer. Like you tell me if this ain’t a bit too cozy….. on my husband’s birthday last sept this guy friend of mine who my husband pays in gift cards makes my husband a steak dinner. Me and friend are to go to arizona and I leave and head south east and guess who didn’t follow? But it was the tweaking bathtub pic my husband sent me the following day that confirmed everything. Higher than a kite. Such a turn off. These guys have stalked me stole money from me. Even my ten year old yorkie they stole from me.. I’ll be sure to witness their
    be after karma come to them,.

  • angelo felix

    Fraudulent insurance is defnitelly the motive ive cancelled mine and since then became a target well more overtlly i believe and know ive been coercerced by my socalled “loving” wife to come to a new country and start a life here and to just become aware of my whole ordeal and i know she has ties to these masons and gangstalkers and have an adulterous relationship affair with a cop….God will not let these low life scum of the earth get away….The keeper of our souls neither slumbers nor sleeps…Hope we get justice its never easy….being targtted every area of our lives.

    • mstmha

      You have keyed some of the main components of gang stalking: Fraudulent Insurance, Free Masons, Law Enforcement, and Adultery. It is how I know that you are indeed a Targeted Individual. I am sorry that you are being victimized too. May God Bless you and yours and may justice prevail.

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