…However, most of the facilities are underground. Area 51 is known as “Groom Dry Lake”, since it’s built on the lake bed with that name. It’s also commonly known as DREAMLAND, but not many people know that that stands for Data Repository Establishment And Management land; this is because the idea is to control all of the world’s data and information so every person can be brought under subjection to the New World Order and the Beast. Area 51, aside from testing flying saucers and other craft (like the top-secret Aurora) conducts all sorts of weird experiments, the most insidious perhaps being biological and genetical experimentation on abducted human test subjects. Area 51 is also a leading Illuminati trauma-based mind-control programming center, utilizing the “alien theme”.

America, the strongest and wealthiest nation on earth, is the instigator and KEY PLAYER of the conspiracy for the “global takeover” and all of its needed preparatory work. Everything has already been done- they are just waiting for the right time to make the One World Order OFFICIAL. That’s when they will enforce it publicly, and that’s when the Antichrist, or False Messiah, arises. To unite the peoples and nations of the world right before that, there will probably be a fake extraterrestrial event that will produce enough panic in everybody so as to make way for global unity- the only viable “solution”. This would be an artificial alien threat, a staged invasion (this doesn’t mean that “aliens” don’t exist – they would be in on it too, but I digress). It’s already planned, and is called PROJECT BLUEBEAM, and also Project Panic. Advanced holographic projectors will probably beam aliens and flying saucers into the sky all over the world. Then they might show a “saviour in the sky”, who would kill the “aliens” and instantly become a worldwide super-hero. This might be the “image of the beast”, a HOLOGRAM most likely, which the False Prophet makes people worship. Interestingly enough, we have a huge supercomputer in the sky, like a satellite, which operates as the linking station for all the world’s computer networks. It is called the BEAST (Battle Engagement Area Simulator Tracker). There is also the BEAST computer in Brussels, Belgium, which has a file on every person.



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