A Message To My Gangstalkers

What I did not care about or appreciate…

1. I do not appreciate your consistent stalking.
2. I do not appreciate your tapping into my head so that you can know my every thought. I do not like to be mimed and nor would you.
3. I do not appreciate your consistent wiring and surveillance within every home that I have occupied.
4. I do not want to hear your consistent taunts everywhere I go. Can a girl go to the bathroom alone without you being there?
4. I do not appreciate your ‘usage’ as you like to call it while you are tearing my life apart.
5. I do not appreciate you taking away my most sacred possession, my body. You have taken away my heart, my skull, and whatever else. To be a trans-humanite, if that is what it is called was not one of my many wishes.
6. I do not appreciate your smear tactics on my character. No, I am not a prostitute and nor have I ever been but even if I was, how is it your business? I do not know all of you and it is tiresome to be judged by people who do not know you. You people are indeed mental. You are the ones who need help. Believe me when I say, if ever I was a prostitute, I would never have been a cheap one to likes of you. Shop cheap with Jeree.
7. I have never been unfit for my own children whom I raised without a hell of a lot support since they were born. Were you there when I squeezed two children out of’ a whole the size of a lemon’? No, you weren’t and nor were you there to pay any bills within my household to keep a roof over my babies’ heads. Leave my family alone.
8. I do not appreciate your consistent harassment on and off the job.
9. I do not appreciate your trying to continue to bring me down to your level when it may have never have been meant. I never felt the need to ‘fit’ in what you believe is the perfect life. What’s good for the gander is not always good for the goose. You should have asked!
10. I do not appreciate your lies about how I was making my money. Some people do not mind working for theirs and, guess what, I never had to lay on my back to get it.
11. I do not appreciate your persistence in your screaming about who you have vowed or vowed to as to who you will support. I quite frankly do not care because I do not know you and, in my life, your vows never mattered.
I do not care about the superficial BS that you continue to throw in my face. I do not care about the cars you drive, the homes you live in, the clothes you wear, or the money that you feel your low self-esteem insists on flaunting. I do not care. Did you ever pay a bill within my home. The answer is simple… no. I was ‘getting’ all by myself.
12. I do not care whom you’ve teamed up with to destroy my life. Why, you ask? You never asked me so, quite frankly, I could care less.
13. To the gangstalking ladies, the prostitutes of your world, I do not care about the men that you like to flaunt in my face. If they were worth anything to begin with then I could totally see why you would be interested, but, unfortunately, they weren’t. Stick to what you are use to. Keep the low-life while you can. In less than ten years, they will be looking for a newer model.
14. I do not appreciate my home state using me the way they have done and are still doing. If you needed a distraction while you carried out your real agenda, I wish you had chosen someone else. I loved the life that my GOD gave me and you had no right to take it from me. Who are you to judge who has more deservance?
15. I do not appreciate the ‘street theater’ that took place in my city whereas some of my more favorite celebrity names were dafamated and I am sure that they may not appreciate it as well.
16. I do not appreciate Danville, Virginia for their set-up and fraud that destroyed my family. Our City Council and judicial system should be ashamed.
17. I do not appreciate your kidnapping my children and sending them away from their mother just so that they could land in the hands of a man who is just as crooked as you.
18. I do not appreciate the fact that you have turned every person that I once knew against me. How could you not know that I could not tell the difference?
19. I never cared about being a celebrity but you obviously did. Why don’t you take your show to Hollywood and leave the ones who never bothered or hurt you alone?
20. I do not appreciate you creating skits with my family so that they can make my life more miserable than you have already made it.
21. I do not appreciate you and the laser to my head which, after repair, allows you to poke and prod at will. Could you take the same punishment that you instigate on others. Probably not, so stop pretending that you are God-like when you are God-less.


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