Questions Unanswered

Was the reason I was gangstalked really in the name of restitution or was it in the name of men/women who were just too afraid that they could not have their way with me?

Was the fact that I did not want to be controlled bothersome to you? Why would that be an issue in the first place?

Were they afraid that all of their (as well as our) lies would get in their way of accomplishing? Is that why they had me handled? If you wanted to know the truth about anything; all you had to do was ask.

I remember the infamous words of an old peer who did me in, when he stated that he would rather ‘investigate first, ask questions later.’ In other words, he would have rather put his total trust in a gangstalker than to question the person that was right in front of him in which resulted in more lies on top of lies. Obviously these people are pathological to the extreme with no care about any higher entity. It is shameful. Can we honestly say that he or they were misinformed. I can. Or…maybe that really just did not care. It goes back to that old saying where the minds of people are brainwashed to the point of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Would they, could they have been publicly criticized and dafamated from the games that they pulled? Of course. It is already happening. Was their status quo so much at stake that they would do any and everything to destroy your life? Sure.
Sorry to inform you but your reputations, as are ours, is still at stake.

Would they have been at the mercy of being found out by their peers and be frowned upon if they actually told the truth? Would they? Absolutely.

Were they afraid that they would loose out on the acceptance of others if they were to be loved or cared for by me? Did they even ask if what they were offering was what I wanted? Sadly, no.

Were they jealous that I did not need them as they needed me? Were they that insecure?

Were they angry because my jealousy never reached its peak? Was our trials enough for them to say she doesn’t deserve her life? What makes them think they deserved theirs in that case?

I could list quite a few people who did participate in what they like to call my ‘rip’, but for right now, I will not.

Hello to one of my handlers, though. George Wallace, Jr..
Tiffany (the other one, not me, who was,assumably, his whore before marriage or what have you), has a lot to handle and live up to, I guess, but I am sure she is up to the task. I will not say that your gangstalking me has been a pleasure because it hasn’t been.
I never knew these people in a personal sense but thank you for meeting me first before you played your lousy games. At least, now, I have an idea of who you are. If you wanted a polularity contest, then you should have asked. Fairplay suits the bill better, I think.

What is this, Pee Wee’s Playhouse? Really? If you wanted me to figure out Blue’s clues then you should have simply asked but, obviously it was not too hard to figure out who my real enemies were. Your insecurities made it so blatant.


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