The NSA – Behind The Curtain “The Thinking Machine”

The intelligence world is a lot worse than you think. When humans are free from their constraints and away from the scrutany of others,always revert to their most base instincts. Anything you can imagine is currently being done in the name of National Security. From murder to human experimentations, the acronyms are at it as we speak. At some point, it could be your turn.
What you will notice from all of this, is that the warrentless wiretap program was just the icing on the cake and was very clearly “planned from the outset” as all the backend infrastructure was in place prior to 9/11. Never trust a government, even your own, implicitly. Nations change, opinions change and people change. It just takes the right catalyst for it to happen.
In most cases, you will find the seeds were there, you just chose to ignore them.

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