Greenwald: A New NSA Bomshell On The Way

mstmha: For some reason, in my opinion, our government has done us a true injustice by letting every piece of scum in damnation have the ability to roam free and do at will. I really think that their antics have nothing to do with the decisions of Obama himself. He is, in my opinion, the scapegaot, the puppet to those who have just a bit more power and money. It seems to me that this may be a set-up for someone who may honestly have had true intentions. Does it mean anything that he is also the first ‘black’ President and we have never had so many publicly displayed constitutional issues before he came into office. He may really have no control over what is going on. Could it be possible that these obsessive criminals just need someone to blame in order to further their own agendas? Is Obama the distraction that they needed?

In honesty, can we comfortably believe that it is ‘our’ government that is causing so many of the treacherous occurences within our society but by no means are they ‘of’ our government. I refuse to think that the majority of those persons, those traitors that have instigated so much criminality within the US are American born citizens.

Who was the one that decided that those criminals are deservant of any type of restitution or revenge when our now overly corrupt government puts these types of people in winning seats. It definitely was not our Constitution. Even during the creation of the document, someone new that order was needed. If these gangsters never deserved anything before, what makes them think that they deserve it now? Are they that sociopathic, whereas, nothing else but themselves matters. I can only assume so based on accumulating evidence.


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