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For confirmation of portions contained herein, refer to a FOX news story on FOX 3/19/12 regarding the CIA using household appliances to monitor people in the US. There has also been a lawsuit filed against the NSA for behavior similar to the listed network capabilities (harassment).

A new way of communicating is upon us! We have derived a communication method using satellite technology and common household electrical apparatuses (e.g. Comcast cable box) that allows people to speak through the air and have their voices heard here in Alaska. We call it the network (See the link and table below). This will greatly enhance our surveillance techniques of ordinary households within the states since the families will be unaware of our presence. We can use a cable set-top box as a camera, a listening device, and an observation point, all at once. Then, what is said within the household being surveyed will be transmitted electronically near Kenai, Alaska. Once on the network, we can do much more than listen. Our satellite technology allows us to penetrate the person’s brain, and using varying frequencies, we are able to hypnotize the individual and have limited control over their lives during this time. More specifically, during non-waking hours the hypnotic state can be used for our rapid eye movement (REM) interrogation techniques. Furthermore, the citizen being monitored is seemingly unaware that they were ever hypnotized or that they revealed relevant information about our investigation of them. Many of these practices have been going on for years, but it is the use of satellite technology that has enhanced our capability.

This is to inform you from an ex agent of the CIA that there are two primary tools used in their arsenal on suspects, and even on its own spies, and that is hypnosis and a vast satellite communication system that uses varying modulated frequencies to affect the brain so as to individually cause any one of the EIGHTY or so below listed items. The signal strength is sufficient to reach depths in excess of 2200 feet and I was told it would penetrate the ocean to a depth of 3000 feet in order to reach the new SSN 21 class submarine.

Hypnosis is used as a person is nearing the sleep state called REM. Then they can use REM (Rapid Eye Movement) interrogation techniques. In general, a Comcast or other provider’s cable set top box is used to reign in a person’s wireless computer network to swap the individual’s computer onto the new CIA network established with the cable box. The box is also usually equipped with audio equipment and a fixed camera and a two-way communication device. This group of equipment enables the CIA to interrogate a person, using hypnosis, while the person goes nearly in and out of sleep. The individual wakes up the next morning knowing nothing about what has happened the night before. Unfortunately for the CIA, this does not always hold true and the person is left guessing who they had a conversation with, but no one is standing around to be blamed.

Moreover, the hypnosis techniques employed by the CIA/National Clandestine Service can be used as a lethal weapon. It was when I learned this that I declined to serve. I was told about the use of an innovative and elaborate communication/compliance network used to kill and I called it quits. Supposedly, David and Russell are at least two victims, but I only have this information by word of mouth through unnamed sources at the agency.

The network I am referring to uses satellite technology, coupled with the cable set top box, to ”tie” someone electronically to the system using modulated low frequency brain wave signals carried over a high frequency satellite signal. This signal is strong enough to penetrate thousands of feet of earth and over two thousand feet of sea water. The system is operated out of Alaska with usually several people operating the network for every one agent or US household in the field tied to the system. It is typically used on SCI level agents as they are able to communicate without even moving their lips. Yes! Communication via brainwaves!!!! Many of the network abilities come from the control of the cranial nerves Below this paragraph is a list of network abilities. These are in addition to the brainwave communication:

1. Increased taste bud sensitivity (spicy foods will taste hot, sweet foods will be sweeter and salty foods will be saltier)
2. Biting the inside of the mouth
3. Headache
4. Ear ache
5. Itchy ears
6. Ringing in the ears
7. Tooth ache
8. Bug crawling on the neck
9. Burned nerves at individual places around the body
10. Itching at pinpointed locations like the burned nerves
11. Runny nose
12. Sneeze
13. Smells (burning wood, butt, trash can, tuna fish, NY pizza parlor, leather tennis shoe)
14. Food hung in throat
15. Sensation of food moving slowly down the esophagus
16. Jerking neck
17. Vision through the eyes
18. crying
19. Speech delays or being slow to speak
20. Ambient sound reduction
21. Extend tongue
22. Jaw pain
23. Rapid closing of the mouth
24. Facial expressions with mouth open
25. Facial expressions with mouth closed
26. Upward pressure on chin
27. Downward pressure on chin
28. Upper eyelids closing rapidly
29. Slowly closing the upper eyelids
30. Unusual “feelings” of sleepiness
31. Rapid eye movement in each eye
32. Sensation of a bug in eye
33. Depression
34. Drunkenness (feeling of being intoxicated w/o having consumed alcohol)
35. Great desire for alcohol
36. Desire for tobacco products
37. pulling of calf muscle
38. pulling of thigh muscle
39. Lower back pain at L5
40. Nerve impingement near
41. Shoulder blade pain
42. Thoracic pain
43. Lumbar pain
44. Retain your urine
45. Open the urethra (200 times)
46. Compress the bladder to create urine sensation (200 times)
47. Failure to get an erection
48. Pre-ejaculation with non-semen
49. Failure to ejaculate
50. Penis shrinkage (substantial)
51. Farting
52. Thumping in the chest area in five different places
53. Compression of chest muscles to squeeze lungs
54. The so called Navy Seal (emotional rage)
55. Carpal tunnel syndrome in each hand
56. Pulsating index finger on each hand
57. Pulsating middle finger on each hand
58. Shaking hands
59. Shaking shoulder
60. Knee pain
61. A smile
62. Airway closure (tightening of throat muscles)
63. Sleep deprivation
64. Foot itch
65. Lustful desires
66. Vertigo
67. Hyper vigilance
68. Make the voice tremble as with fear
69. Make the chest feel as though your heart is in your throat
70. Rapid weight loss with sweat (10lbs/wk)
71. Nausea with or without vomiting
72. Runny bowel movements
73. Appetite suppression
74. Appetite increase
75. Feeling flush
76. Foot cramps
77. Stomach cramps
78. A burp
79. Tightening of chest to cause shortness of breath and even sighs
80. Snorting
81. Short term memory loss
82. Mental visual aids with thought insertion to prompt a specific reaction
83. Premature swallowing
84. Fainting/passing out via vasovagal syncope
85. Urethra pain
86. Decreased or loss of hearing sensation in right ear
87. Decreased or loss of hearing sensation in left ear
88. Hearing with various lobes of the brain
89. Narcolepsy

Don Hattawa

Dallas Harmon

January 23, 2013 at 15:33
Somebody must be alarmed about my posts because I have endured a number of the most debilitating items listed above since it was first posted in January 2013. This is no coincidence as they(the CIA) have also TOLD me they were doing it because of my posts. Narcolepsy, shoulder pain, vomiting, disturbed sleep, etc., etc. have all come my way since I posted on here.

In an attempt to break or reduce the ELF signal(s), I tried the mylar blanket idea I read about on the internet. This was of no use! Now, I sound crazy rather than desperate to get off this network. PLEASE HELP!!!


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  • Glorisse Joie Abainza

    I’m glorisse from Philippines and also experienced this was happened. I wrote this letter because of my husband almost
    Experienced this. How did we protect ourselves for this apparatus? They also find a solution for this harassment. And until now they didn’t know what’s the possible answer for this. I also hope that someone help us.

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