US Secretly Liquidating Dissidents? 9/11 Truthers Threatened, Physically Harmed, Murdered

Since we now know that a secret National Security committee is ordering the murder of American citizens, and since we know the CIA has the power to easily simulate deaths from illness and accident, we might as well assume that every time a dissident dies unexpectedly, he or she has been murdered by the US government.

Now in reiteration, I have, even today, undergone my own mother trying to send me to a crazy home for absolutely, positively nothing.
I have no idea if they are paying her or what-have-you, but she has participated in my ex-husband’s attempts in taking my children away from me when there was no cause to do so. Now, if this man takes it upon himself to flee the country with my children, I will blame no one but my very own government because they have participated in my gangstalking. Now if something were to happen to me or my children while my children are away because they feel as, Africans, that they will be redeemed by lying and cheating their way through the American system, then, of course our system will be to blame. I remember when my ex-husband had kidnapped my kids for the first time with the use of his mother, Musu Sirleaf who resides in Baltimore, MD and proclaims to be the ex-secretary of the President of Monrovia, Liberia. Now she thinks of herself as being so high and mighty because of this, but they kidnap so where is the hope for those that aren’t intentionally trying to overtake our country because they are just mad and angry based on their own experiences? After she I brought her here to the states, she was just a CNA for the elderly. What did her status quo even matter? This was a country of real freedom and she thinks of herself as so high and mighty but we all had to work for a living.

I remember her screaming over the phone to me when I wanted to talk to my kids and she said to me that I should leave her family alone when it was actually my children that she was trying to harbor. And in my mind, I thought, “Wait a minute, those were my children that you were screaming about.” They were not hers and they never allowed my children to come back home as originally planned. They, obviously had their con all figured out. Now for what reason they were stealing my children, I had no idea, even though the father of my children was her son. He promised me that he would never keep my children from me under any circumstances, but now that he has his mother and a new wife, Masie P(or whoever), holding my children hostage is all he has done. What is it about Africans and kidnapping that so appeases them because it is not the first time that he has attempted this. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a judge friend.

Were they punished in their countries for so long that this gangstalking business has been their own restitution even though it wasn’t the individual they target who did it to them?
I brought my ex-husband’s mother into this country, as well as, his brother and his sister. What the hell did I really do to deserve the torment of their unnecessary aggressions. If it is indeed payback, then their payback is misdirected.

Will the FBI, CIA, or whoever have to be involved for my own restitution even though they are in my gangstalking? Why has no one ridded these people from life even though, I have nothing to do with them? Who will save my life and my children’s, as well, because they really do not know their father no matter how many superficial items he promises them. He promised me a lot too, but never came up. When will the real restitution begin because, in my mind, these foreigners are getting over on Americans, simply because are government allows them to.

Is the government really not there for us. What are the promises of some foreigners, not all (I am not ignorant), that has our American government second-guessing themselves in the right thing to do?

If my case against my ex-husband, Mustapha C. Acolatse, Sr, is a millionaire, I would not know about it. He was already thousands of dollars in debt with Virginia as to child support qand he never went to jail. So what is the real reason why my government, Virginia, is protecting him. Is it because he was a good soccer coach?> Yeah right, they probably could have found someone better but, fortunately, he was cheap labor.

Ok, now, my major question is this. What was so important about the Acolatse family that was so important that they had to dafamate and hang the an American citizen who did nothing but help them? What are they hiding? The origination of their inconceivable genetics started in Monrovia, Liberia. Ok, my ex-husband’s father was a lawyer and from what I was told was assassinated, from what he claimed, while his son was still young. What are they hiding from. I feel that a full investigation is warranted because I am sitting here in Virginia with a transhumanited body that they helped to generate and I would like to know why.

What was it that their family was involved in whereas, I had to pay the price for their wrongdoings? What is his mother and new wife involved in whereas I have to suffer and I, quite frankly, am not involved in? Why are they attempting to steal my children once again? Do they own a prostitution ring? And if your wondering why I ask this question it is because my ex-husband was molested by his own aunt in his teenage years. You can figure it out from there. I am here to protect my children, not them. If they really think that I owe thm any loyalty, they are sadly mistaken.

Why would an African government assasinate a lawyer for crying out loud? What in the heck did they do? Why did Musu Sirleaf feel the need to finish school in Europe and leave her son behind in Africa. I have been mislead in their family and I want to know the truth, especially, when they are attempting to steal my children.


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2 responses to “US Secretly Liquidating Dissidents? 9/11 Truthers Threatened, Physically Harmed, Murdered

  • Lissa Chris

    Glad you reposted this. I was perped to the point I let my precious website go (Lissahumanelife). You and are digging in the dark as well, however, I’ve found pretty creditable evidence that our gov went fascist (corporation) criminal contractors. Under Bush the laws we’re so laxed that anyone could be put on these list by DARPA/NSA CIA DOD HDS and this is global. See the real shadow government at

    Thanks again mstmha. Sorry you’re a victim, too.

    • mstmha

      Here in Danville, the gang stalkers practically admit to being communistsaid on their COMeat systemy that is broAncaster all over the city. The only thing that an expert would have to do to prove what is going on is pick up on the satellite signal. It is that bad and they broadcast 24 hours a day, ever day. One claimed that they had Adolph-ed the entire city which would mean that I am surrounded by Quasi Statsi’s. That is why I can’tell find help anywhere. Even the law enforcement has been compromised. This may be the problem everywhere. They are taking over one city at a time.

      And you made a good point, we are shadowed indeed. The perps here have claimed that my case is ‘sealed’ and they have done this in order to get away with their Enoch agenda’s. Something like an Azazel scapegoat type of situation.

      This is all total lunacy on the part of our government. Who wants to live in a world where criminals thrive. Even the ones orchestrating this will have no safety. These people have no morals and they don’t care who they rob.

      Thanks again for all of the information you have given me. It has certainly helped me sort some things out.

      I am so glad your ok!

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