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    My inspiration has become the one spoken of by Jesus in the temple. It was the Holy Spirit that answered my prayer face down in tears, that my cry went up. “but they lie !”. This man’s life was foretold and he has been fulfilling his role as the Witness of Ephraim. Both Satan and Jesus come to separate. The witness explained human civilization has been isolated from creation for three chards. I think a chard is an age. The last age for example was far more technologically advanced that we are today. The pyramids which function much like the HAARP can today, was the public means of energy generation. These also had a more sinister purpose and capability than HAARP in the spiritual sense. Very evil by even today’s standard. Blood sacrifices to the fallen gods but in a very public forum. Today we have increasingly degenerating sports, while demonic blood sacrifice ritual goes on in the very heart of the Vatican and other hiding places.
    The morgellons nano bot array that uses our own body minerals for these self replicating communication arrays, (duplicate by technology,) the inherent ability to communicate by way of the magnitite in the pineal gland, on a spiritual level. There is an article on this on my blog. Technology as Misdirection. To cause the gland to become dormant means you cannot communicate because the body is too corrupted for it to function. This is a means of cutting off access to God. It is a continuation ( by orders of magnitude), of the initial firmament corrupted by the fallen when they came here after being thrown out of heaven. Hense in the bible we read the words, “as a woman in travail.” This intensity of spiritual warfare forces us to a decision for Satan or Jesus. The lesson for man, is what to do about Israel. After ten years of research, this blog begins to scratch the surface. You are welcome to study.

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