TIs deserve respect


It is time that TI’s get the respect they deserve for continuing to insist that they are not crazy but are being tortured through known or unknown energy-based technologies in the face of society that has been taught to cruelly dismiss them as being mental defectives. Isn’t that what was done to the Jews in Nazi Germany?

It is time to fight the good fight and learn what there is to know by examining the facts about how technology has moved forward with little or no socially safe and ethical protocols run by honest people who would put the public’s safety first before any political, corporate or military ventures.

When any group is to be vilified by anyone in power, they are made out to be “different” than the norm so that the rest of society can reject them. In the case of TI’s, corporations and world governments are secretly invested in keeping society clueless about how these technologies work, so if one were to ask about these technologies they are ridiculed.

This pressure to keep society from wanting to know the facts about these technologies is strong when TI’s have no money in their impoverished and worn-down states to help show the fallacy of the ridicule-based messages funded by criminal organizations who benefit by being able to torture people.

There is unlimited power by when someone takes over a human being’s body and mind. Imagine having the ability to sway a population to a group’s way of thinking, outlook, and ethical standards.


mstmha: Kudos to the author, Suzanne LeBoeuf, Seattle Civil Rights Examiner! Thank you!


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