‘State Secret’: Persecute innocent Targeted Individuals, 8000 watch-listed


… December 21, 2010 to field officers from “Counterterrorism” that states in capital letters, “DO NOT ADVISE THE SUBJECT THAT THEY MAY BE ON A TERRORIST WATCHLIST.”

Ever attracted suspicion? Ever met someone on the paranoid side who might find your actions suspicious? Ever made someone angry, a person who agrees with the American way of revenge such as calling your name into the local Fusion Center? Ever jilted a lover? According to those protecting the Fatherland, these situations are sufficient enough to be targeted and kept on a watch list no matter what.

Although snitching on someone is not to involve ‘mere guesses or ‘hunches,’ according to the notice, it does not bar two people from reporting as a potential terrorist someone they view as deserving of being persecuted so that the name of a personal foe is on the list. This is a seemingly easy feat for the ever growing group of Homeland Security related employees with the “right connections.”

In 2009, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), longtime human rights and civil liberties advocate, confronted the nation’s premier law enforcement agency for allowing innocent citizens languish on a secret list.

“Given the very real and negative consequences to which people on the watchlist are subjected, this is unacceptable,” Leahy had said.


mstmha: My question is this, why are we the ones on their watchlists when it is our punishers (our government) who are the real terrorists? That’s a question that makes you want to say,”Hmmmm…”.


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