Suddenly now, the media is alarmed to discover that their darling Barack Obama has actually turned the monster of oppressive government against THEM. Egad! As long as the federal government is only illegally spying on average-Joe American, the media is nonchalant and unconcerned. However, now that it has been discovered that the federal government is spying on the members of the media, they are enraged–well, somewhat enraged…

More from the article…
Now all of a sudden, anti-gun Piers Morgan says that gun-rights advocates who refuse to surrender their firearms because they distrust the federal government are NOT crazy after all. Amazing!

Also included…
• Sexual assaults in the military.

This scandal received public notoriety when two military officers were discovered sexually abusing female subordinates after having been put in positions of authority assigned with the duty of PREVENTING those very crimes. Of course, Barack Obama feigned total shock and disgust at the revelation.



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