The Christian Approach? I Don’t Think So…

It seems that, in the now, ‘power over people’ has taken precedence over any morality that GOD has gifted us with, in what, good people like to call, just good ‘ol common sense. It is hurtful to have to ask yourself, constantly, about the origins of some people. It makes you wonder about what planet they really come from. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.


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4 responses to “The Christian Approach? I Don’t Think So…

  • lyndarenham

    Thank you so very much xx

    • mstmha

      Imagine a world made of love alone. A world without animosity, without satanism. A world with total morality. If there were a world that spared any of us of pain, we would live in a world that was totally utopic. Unfortunately, the world that we live is not a perfect world and neither are the people in it.
      The good news is that whatever doesn’t kill us most certainly makes us stronger. We live and we learn through our life experience. We breathe because it was the will of GOD.
      Now we all know that people are not always what they seem but we live, we learn, and life goes on. Take your situation as a sign from GOD that we, as people, are not perfect. We are weak, and sometimes we get caught up in situations that were not warranted or deserved but there was a choice.
      The lessons that GOD teaches as we undergo the tribulations of life are not punishment but mere teachings of what he wants us to know without disguising naivety. It is up to us to pay attention to what we see and to stear ourselves away from the sights that we do not want to see.

      In sight, we may not want; but in learning, you are free.

      If you can keep your family moving, successfully, no matter what people do, then

      you are more than complimented.

  • authorthat

    Your comment of living in a utopia is actually the way all creation exists in the knowing of his presence. Earth however has been isolated from creation since the fall. The fallen who were to serve our world rejected that roll, and the object lesson for humanity of what to do about Isreal, brings many to the point of decision for their own lives. We will begin to see the protection of the angelic placed on those who belong to Christ, once the abomination of desolation happens. Only Obama can legally provide his signature to ratify the false peace treaty of Israel. This is forbidden by God, as our wedding gift from Jesus is Israel. The USA & Canada are very much part of the spiritual Israel, for millions of us are unknowingly Hebrew. We are as plentiful as the sands of the oceans. The judgement already known by the global elite deliberately cause this to happen, and in fact are very well prepared for the following split of the United States after splitting Israel. The two state solution will also bring a 50 mile wide river that splits the USA. It’s preparation was the destruction of the ooop current in the gulf.The salt dome will collapse. Space weather will bring enough in the form of CME’s to cause earthquakes, that will initiate a tsunami as land collapses into the ocean. The lack of subterrane support, the deliberate hydrofracking, the filling of these caverns beneath with explosive chemicals will bring a chain reaction to collapse the nuclear plants built near falt lines. You will need medicines for radiation exposure, along with everything else to survive on. All that the prepers do to survive is of course a moot point, without giving up all that this life means to us, until there is nothing left of the self, the ego, that all will remain is the will of God within us.

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