Technological Holocaust – Targeted in America

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“PLEASE give this Technological Holocaust the attention it needs, although some of the information shared here will be difficult to believe. Please read it with an open mind and heart. . .and then take the time to do your own research, for the sake of your health, your future and that of your loved ones. Words can not stress how crucial it is for us to face this difficult reality as quickly as possible.”

“Because most of the main stream media is not exposing it . . .and it appears that those who have aimed to, in the past few decades, have been heavily targeted, threatened, inconspicuously murdered or distracted by the sudden death or illness of loved ones…etc. It appears that what is left of the Main Stream Media is either being completely controlled or is too scared to make a firm stand, even though that stand is what could end the secret tortures and massacres that have been taking place since at least the 1970s.”


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