“Descend To Soar”


Suffering puff-like breathes from within.
Willowing foggingly
In it’s release
Towards a ceiling’d sky.
Yet I’m alive with remembrance.

Was my first life’s havocs
In my mind,
In my universe,
Not so spiritless
Yet I survived Satan’s tolls.
Costly to the blind.

Dipping and diving
As a turmoiled bride.
Enduring silenced crimes.
Partially cared for.
Partially adored.

Was his love
Life in misery,
Was my punishment as wife.
Explanations un-needed.
All courts

I saw my dreams shallow
Into a sunned puddle,
Until there was nothing left
But tiny fragments of rocked heart

Thirsty for a rain
That would caress,
And shape itself
Into a different form
So that
It may love again.

A hardened will
Awaiting evolution
Into a better self.
Separate from
What it was before.
Tongue out,
Until the rain begins again.

By no means
Unhappened in experience
Was I.
A real woman
Yet taunted and scorned.

Heaven never failed me;
As he, my torturer.
Sounding off his negatives.
Sacrificial, to HE, my GOD, I was not
Because life began again.

Encompassed in fate
By death.
A true love revealing,
To my Devils’ sworn.

In love,
I will love still,
In hate,
I will ignore.
In life,
It has begun again.
In death,
I will SOAR.


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