Andrique and Jahnee (An excerpt from a novel in progress.)

An Excerpt…

Later that night, in her bed, Jahnee twisted and turned frantically in her sleep. The white, painted room dimmed into a smoky red haze. Her vision was blurred and her senses were alert to the hard fingers that stroked her bare, brown breasts as she lay spread eagle on the down comforter that crumbled beneath her weight on the wrought iron bed. Her nipples tightened painfully as the erotic stroking increased momentum and his rock protruded against her abdomen.

He lay heavy on top of her and she felt breathless as her sex moistened with anticipation. Her pleasure point throbbed beneath the dark curls of pleasure. She wanted to scream out loud for him to make love to her now but the words almost strangled her. Her fingers reached up to pull at his thick, silky hair as she tried to lure him inside of her.

Dreamingly, she could not see through the red fog that filled the room but she sensed the familiarity as the man before her brandished her body with the sensualness of his kiss; warming her skin. The woody scent of him triggered something inside her head but all was not forgotten as he turned her over and his knees spread her legs and he entered her with so much force that she could feel her body trembling and on the peak of an orgasm. Her nails dug deep into his skin, bringing him closer. There was power in every stroke as his manhood slipped urgently within her…in and out, in and…

Jahnee’s eyes shot open and she hastily sat up in her bed. He was invading her dreams again. Her hair was soaked with perspiration. Sweat beaded her forehead and she felt sticky as her white, silk panties and matching bra clung damply to her caramel colored skin. She quickly glanced around her feng sui, inspired bedroom just to make sure that it had really, only been a dream. The smell of Andrique still burned in her nostrils and lay heavy on her sheets. Jahnee groaned.

‘Am I ever going to get over him?’ she finally asked herself. ‘Andrique was getting married for God’s sake!’

To Be Continued…

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