The Not So Glamorous Life of A Targeted Individual-Part I

Gangstalking, hmmmm, let me think, was something that I have undergone for so many years that even I can’t remember when it started. Why was I chosen to undergo such a dafamating program? In all honesty, I do not know, but I can pretty much take a pretty wild guess at it.

In the city that I live, Danville, Virginia, they worship the ground that an athlete walks on. Children are preened into sports by their parents and families as if it is a plague. I have noticed that the coaches of some of our more prosperous teams are ‘professional’ coaches and trainers. It is no wonder that our high school teams have consistently made it to National competitions. Now, when I say professional, please do not mistake what I am saying to you. I am not talking about just a typical adult league. When I say professional, I truly mean that they were, no doubt, professional ex-players of professional leagues. I am talking NFL, NBA, and so forth. A lot of the residents in my area have close and personal relationships with those that have already had the ‘paparrazi’ experience or from what we like to say, ‘Have made it’.

Well, as luck may have it, a lot of our civilians that are so protective of these so called ‘Gods of the Universe’ are related to these very popular few, whether they deserve it or not. And I mean truly related. There is no doubt that they have an abundance of baby mama drama. And when I mention ‘baby mama drama’ I mean those women that spread their legs for a mere paycheck. Some of these men or women have no morality in who or what they sleep with just so that they they can make their families proud. It is , without a doubt, a very insane and childish way of securing a longlasting partner or family relationship but the men and women of today’s society do it!

Cross but more than not, in-breeding is, inevitably, their means of survival. I will comfortably assume, based on my own observations, that they have created huge families because they wish for a continuance of their families’ names and they fear extinction but it causes drama in which even hell would not appreciate. The mutation through fornification and inbreeding of seeds, sadly, does not guarantee that their extinction may never happen, whether they want it to or not.

Sports does not rule the world even though they would love to believe it is so. Please correct me if I am wrong but I have never heard of a 33 degree mason who played football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or whatever surviving the ‘Holocaust’ because he was who he was.

Now, as I reflect back on history’s past, I recalled that Kenny Lewis, Sr. was my track coach in high school who, just so happened, was a retired NFL football player and I also recalled another, Coach Marshall who was also training his daughters for the Olympics…

Now, as a Targeted Individual, did those facts benefit me in any sort of way or matter? Did I escape the bludgeonings of chance in my current circumstances? No I did not.

And to think think that my life really was overlapped within those ‘indusry’ types inclusive of professional athletes, music industrialists, etc. Now, I am no celebrity even though I have delved in their presence. I was only a pinky toe deep as far as I am concerned but to someone else, it may have been so much more…

Still, I am a TI (Targeted Individual) undergoing Tranhumanism and Gangstalking as if I had never experienced any type of lifestyle at all. It’s as if I were trully a lowly person that was never befitted in any world which is untrue. And to make matters worse I never cared about that sort of thing. Glam life, staus quo be damned if I could not live my life as to how I wanted to live it on my terms. To hell with their wannabe schizophrenic nonsense. The only thing that I wanted was to live and let live, now; what’s so crazy about that?

Now my question to you is this, what does status quo even matter? In my opinion, when it comes down to the NWO, I am afraid, it really doesn’t.

To be continued…


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