Who Is Elisa Lam? – Pt1 – Energy Weapons

mstmha *A very in depth exposure of the mind control experimentations of the MK Ultra experimentation and abuses to human subjects… Some of the testimonies that were given by TI’s were so heartwarming and so similar that even I wanted to cry.

“Can you please help save my life, maam?”, a gentleman said in his very unguarded, very emotional interview while given accounts of his own family’s torture but there was no answer.

Can you???

Can someone help save all of us, targeted individuals and even those who have yet to be targeted from the shameful, dafamating experiences of the victimization of our very own government?

Does anyone really know the real reasons behind why these experimentations are actually happening amongst, not just American people, but from humans all over the world?

What is the real reason why our government believes that the people who have paid their dues and taxes in society deserve to be punished to such an extent that we do not deserve life or just a taste of happiness?

Two of the more major guesses would include murder in aide to depopulation because of “useless eaters”, depopulation based on Masonic ideas stipulated by landmarks such as the Georgia Guidestones which decreases the population from billions to a meager 500,000, or is it simply genetic research to create “God-like” men or women for those societies who consider their families “chosen” and deservant of the God-man for power establishment amongst the people? Or is the torture that we have endured more of a personnel vendetta technique instigated by certain families that could possibly rid a huge portion of our innocent, world population simply because an individual just may not fit into their mold for the “perfect society” no matter how devilish and destructive the means.

Why have these power freaks never had the balls enough to actually speak openly to the public as to why they are doing what they have and are doing to us? I would think that if they had the backbone to cause the problems then they should, no doubt, have the balls to explain it. This is not a silent matter and targeted individuals are speaking out. What are they afraid of if what they are doing is the right thing to do to begin with? Obviously, their conscience isn’t affected by torturing people within their own homes, so why have a conscience in speaking out to their victims as to the reasons we the people are so bound by their sadistic manipulations? What makes them them so much more ‘life’ deservant?


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