By mstmha

“You shall love!”
He commands
Like only He can
But we do not obey
Because we cannot
Listen to His words
But only that
Which we believe
To be true.

We continue
The abuse
Of His words
By unawaringly
Molding a truth
That is not a truth
But only in inhumane eyes
Deems to be truth.

Truth, now, by proclivity
Is created solely
By man,
In an effort
To recreate a duty
That was meant
Only to be eternal
But instead
An unwarranted spontaneity
Towards an untruth
In which is not eternal
But unblessedly dependent
On how man
Wants us to feel.
Exploiting all possiblities
Of a true love reveal
Through misguided suggestions
That our way of love
Is real.

Is the
The proclamation
That our love for another
Is unbearably
An insensitivity
Because we do not
Unfakeningly see
That His love for us
Is unselfish,


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