By mstmha

A blue, mirrored sea

Khaki colored sand sinking beneath my feet.

Fans of algae-green palm waving heavily

Cooling me with a need for

Filagrees of gold warming me.

Streaming down from textured skies

Hanging artfully, majestically

Like a Picasso without form

So relaxing

As I savour my world adored.


I inhale the salt scents skimming my cheek

As swells crash against a garden of coral reefs

My linen dress flapping sheerly

Against my body, clinging playfully

Soaked with a fresh mist.

Body accessorised

With only a lae

As I stand barefoot

And pray amongst the dunes.


Necked in wild orchids,

Aromatherapy inhaled from the breeze

Hanging happily naked

Exposed but unobscene

As my mother earth speaks to me.


“Do not cry,

Only smile, my sweet.

And look beyond the un-free,

To a wedding of

Seas, leaves, and no reprieves.

Your sanctuary

Lies dutifully within me.

Your Mother natural.

Your inhale to breathe.

And so breathe.

And so breathe.”


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