‘That Mountain Peak’

‘That Mountain Peak’
By mstmha

Unpredictable is the life that I belong.
Obstacles of blinded chance
run through my world like an off-beat lyric
to a song.
Nawing away at a candid understanding
that in my heart I carry a dream;
that remains nestled
in close proximity.
Never did I guess many trials unforeseen.
In my wake to increase my self-identity.
My life dictation, uncertain as it may be,
Has lured my mind into an oblivion;
But not too far away that I cannot praise His Majesty
for guiding me through the ridged edges
poking at my side.
Climbing that mountain in hopes
that my path will not be my demise.
With surety I rise, struggling,
Head raised high,
Eyeing that mountain peak above;
Awaiting success beneath blue skies.


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