Americans Torturing Americans- Another Victim!!!-

mstmha: It is amazing to see how many victims are out there who have cried for help for so many years but people have just shrugged it off as if their torture is irrelevant. Well, at least, until it happens to them… How long will it take for our citizens to really see what is happening in our own backyards?

Excerpt from the writer’s article:

Americans Torturing Americans/please research and publish

 Domestic/Homegrown Terrorism- Gangstalking- Ultrasonic Torture-Unauthorized Implants

Off-line Hacking-Wireless Intrusions-Emissions Monitoring

A Window Cleaners Story

By Stefan Keith Howard

Open or Closed minded?


 “What you select or choose to perceive is determined by your personal frame of reference, that is, the organized whole of your experience up to any given moment.” If I did not write and personally experience the following sanctioned injustices, I would find the following paragraphs difficult to believe. An hours research online will make you a believer.

                                                           Off line Hacking

Original writing 8-14-00


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