But, if you have any sense at all, you will probably realize that this ethnic cleansing of the gene pool (“improving the species” and “improving human genetic qualities”) simply cannot and will not ever happen if it is voluntary.


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4 responses to “Transhumanism-Atlantean

  • aquila

    Sadly…… you did not understand my posting, even slightly by the look of this post 😀 it is happening around the world I Don’t Agree with it.. if YOU had any sense at all… the point is: is that it is NOT voluntary…. that is the scary / sad POINT!

    • mstmha

      Believe me when I say that I realize that it is by involuntary means that they transform your body. I am a victim of it. My internal body has been tampered with but I did not understand what was happening until I researched it for myself (with some help). Thanks for reiterating.

      • aquila

        Interesting, as yes that is the ‘light’ in which it was written.. simply to make those unaware of what goes on, ‘enlightened’ on the issue. I too have some strange / similar stories, and have been through some circumstances.. (I would just keep it ‘unclear’ and say ‘somewhat illuminati’ connected) so it is not without some understanding of it, that I posted the info.

        I too was certainly not voluntary in what I was put through, had taken me many years to figure a lot of it out…


    • mstmha

      By the way, I never volunteered.

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