Not Guilty…

It is absolutely amazing to have so many people piled on top of one person at one time in the sake of ruining your life for someone else’s personal gratification.  They are unendurably sick. My destiny is now to be so psychologically crazy that ‘I need some help’ (that’s their so familiar roleplay in which they attempt to get away with everything) amongst my own family members, which I am not, and these people are convinced and are very adamant to send me into an early grave. The constant minute by minute harrassment and falsification of my name in every injustifiable state is by far the lowest crock of bull that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  These people are by far, so outrageous just because they may want their world to themselves and if they feel intimitated by you in any way, there goes your life. Complete isolation. No job, no life, no anything because they also steal until there really isn’t.  Well, to those whose shit does not stink, I never asked to be a part of your “world” to begin with and nor was I invited.  Why try to shun me out of something that I had no part of to begin with. To be a single mother trying to raise children alone, at least until they started their gangstalking act, and actually making it on her own is no crime. Not guilty.

And by the way, around the beginning of their live sets, I actually did get “checked” because I thought I actually might have been. I am not by any means crazy but their actions will make you act out. Their are testimonies all over the net. And in conclusion, I know my problem, so what is theirs?” And to think, I was a very peaceful person.


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One response to “Not Guilty…

  • katie

    Its becoming obvious these christians and other would be tyrants are full of it…we could form a commune of sorts and keep out the trouble makers…as in the villiage movie u cant escape violence but some villagers used to kick psychopaths off a cliff…i have not much trouble with this task although i myself am not a psychopath who gets off on hurting others…well not non psychopaths anyway…what police are for but oh well i guess….someones not doing their job….whole lot of someone

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