Can’t Sleep…

I was very severely shocked while dozing tonight.   It is now 2:05AM. It happened around 1:00AM.  It is an awful thing to go through these lethal testings without knowing exactly why your going through them.  They alienate you from everyone and no one tells you anything.  I never volunteered for any of this or visited any “secret” meetings to know exactly what they want and why I was chosen to be tortured to death. Hell, I did not know what was going on when it started. Again, it seems, personal vendetta.  It is amazing how far someone will go to ruin your body and your life.  I never thought that this would ever happen in any lifetime where Americans are butchered right at home.  Could it be that it’s just a bunch of gang bangers who are just having fun?


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One response to “Can’t Sleep…

  • katie

    I learned my life isnt under my control…reminds me of i believe a denzel washington film where when you figure life out you die…only the good die young with that said maybe im the cat…i look forward to death…it may be alot better than this stuff….it gets old being scared all the time…people who terrorize others go to hell when they die…and i wont see them anymore…demons may be stopping them from accepting jesus…maybe thats the issue…paul brutally persecuted christians as he believed it was right…if my death saves someone so be it

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