Harrassment In the name of Child Custody?

To enable someone(gangstalkers) to torture an ex-wife to the point where their character and life are to become disfunctional is also a crime beyond reason.  I have heard and seen a lot, whereas, I can almost pretty much believe anything but to put me in a position of constant defense is deplorable.  I have no relief from the likeness of these people.  I am being bogged by the methods that my ex-husband and new wife have chosen in order to re-obtain custody of my own children in which he has abandoned time and time again.  Will this bull*%@# never end?  The subject matter has become very sad to no benefit of no one.  To even use a judge friend or anyone else to help cover his a”% is, quite frankly, despicable and to bring the mother of his children down to the lowest level leaves me to think that it was never worth being married to begin with.  To help a man as much as I have helped him knowing that he was never deserving lends me to think that marriage is, by far, overrated.  Gangstalkers have some usage to the most criminal.

It seems that I am stuck in the abyss of Personal Vendetta.


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