Death by Personal Vendetta

The only conclusion that I can come up with as to my life’s death is Personal Vendetta.  Someone can honestly hate you enough outside of the battlefield (and I have never been in the military) to use very lethal military weapons on your body for whatever they may deem necessary. So who holds the remotes?

What other reason would someone put you through years of absolute torture?

-I have undergone extreme poisoning within my home
-My body literally has been shocked more times than I can count. The most occurences happen when I try to go to sleep at night. Sleep deprivation is, I am assuming, one of their favorite punishments.
-My skull has been fried and replaced with who knows what. At one time, I could barely leave my house because of the ‘melting’ feeling in my head.
-They constantly play with my heart as if it is a bean bag and it has also been subjected to their very joyful shock treatment. Sometimes I cannot even feel a heart beat. The feeling of it being removed and replaced was the eeriest feeling of my life. Once they removed it, I could not feel any part of my body and the ceiling darkend as if I were really dying until they decidely plugged it back in.
-I have undergone consistent harrassment
-I have also undergone constant pressure to my head as if it is being squeezed. Even while driving.

And the list goes on and on…

But why would you make a single woman with two children suffer to that extreme, especially if you have had no personal relationship with them. Can we say personal vendetta to the maximus. Grudges should never run that deep.

And to allow the military, even civilians, outside of war, to handle those types of applications that can be so damaging to another human being is just another means for murder in the masses. If I were to be incriminated for something that justified the horrors of the creed, I would have liked forewarning, as, I am sure, others did receive. It’s not enough that life on its own, without the extra drama, was not hard enough but to spend years suctioning peoples lives into someone else’s black hole is, by far, completely unacceptable.

If I had known that a “GAME” could have made my life so expendable, I would have been more than glad to leave town so that they may have their fun. My life, however, wasn’t one.

The main question, I guess, would be…”Who would be that insecure?”


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One response to “Death by Personal Vendetta

  • katie

    Pretty much…j edgar hoover had personal vendettas…he did feel bad for driving the one actress to suicide…as faras hemingway…he had a mild relationship with a communist cuban…and his own son ended up gender confused…i have alot in common with hoover moreso than hemingway…would i be a better despot…maybe not…political ponerology would dictate most transsexuals arent psychopaths hence i would not make it to the oppurtunity to impose my will on others…

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