By mstmha

The still picture painted itself

dark blue and black in my head

Like that opaque cloud in the midnight sky.

Instilling ‘until’ sights

packaged half-heartedly

within its frame

because of its untruths.

I hung it slantingly

On the wall

For a meaningful view.

Like a ship capsized

Sinking slowly

Into crushing depths

Ripping my sails in two.

A new wreck, like our union,

Bottoming the ocean

Against rigid rocks.

Planks splintering;

Weakened from your

Verbal shock.

Deeply, I search

for that definitive answer of

why you cannot see me

Wasting away

At the bottom of our sea.

As you make mundane promises.

Of what is to be.

How do I steer that

mechanical organ

in its destructable cage

To speak our reality

That everything will not be ok

Like that timbering hull that

Crushed us symbolically

Following my truthing serenade.

Never mine

Never yours

Never meant.


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