“Chasing Phantoms” – Book by Carissa Conti

“Chasing Phantoms” – Book by Carissa Conti

From the website “In 2 Worlds”


Geared towards those who already know that they’re abductees and who have the basic foundation for the subject, “Chasing Phantoms” offers various perspectives on all the main aspects of military and MILAB lore, including:

•How we’re usually only given two versions of the abduction story – either human military spooks or super God-like aliens – when in fact it’s more like super God-like humans doing things that only aliens are supposed to be capable of. From manipulating time lines to orchestrating unbelievable synchronicities, to soul abductions and using “Beam me up” transport technology, these are components of the MILAB phenomenon not often heard…
•Dream time programming, psychic warfare, and the use of scalar energy beams…
•Ear tones, synchronicities, paranormal happenings, etc. which are common occurrences in the lives of abductees, and what they possibly mean…
•How “side track circus diversion” harassment tactics are usually employed to keep a target in a constant state of fear – and how “changing one’s radio station” will abruptly stop it in its tracks…

*Could Clarissa have touched on the capablities of what is presumably the new NWO processes of our government, not excluding the NSA which includes the governmentally organized teams of the Nazi and NASA members?


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