By mstmha


Awakened by crackles of stone

Breaking away

Beneath an eclipsed darkness,

Like a mystical mosaic.

I fond you with fingers freed,

Gliding softly along the

Tauntness of your skin

Perspiring from the warmth

Of my breath

As I whisper lingeringly against your lips,

Hotly unmuted.

Our figures pedestaled

Within a firefly candled cavern

Flickering shadowy traces

Against painted sand walls.

Roomed with bolsters of silk

Impressioned deeply beneath

Our modeled bodies

Heated summeringly.

I am your masterpiece

As you caress

The peaking of my breasts

mused by your touch

In our hideaway

Scented headily

With the manly

Fragrance of your skin.

And when you take me

Once again

After a many years

Like past scenes

Frescoed on the walls

Penetrating my sex

With the swelling of your eternal youth.

I move tightly unioned

Against you

Sauntering into

That dreamy realm

That was chiseled in my head

As I hover angelic above you.

And you quicken the moment

Of energized release

Pumping spastically,

Tormented with need

Creatively spewing your seed

Within my private garden,

You deepen,

Cementing your vision.

And I gasp,

Hoping that our sculpting

Will not end

As you fill me hotly.

Fountainly sating,

And the ribbons of

Silk surrounding us

Fall drenched

In our erotic setting

Like petals from our flowering.

Inspiring our surroundings

And tears ornament

My eyes emotioned

By your sinful beauty

Artistically completing

Your genius

As you mastered us.

Sculpting our bodies

With your hands.


The poses of our reality

Spiritually connected.

Passion humanly revealed.

Synched beneath a sunroof

Of magic skies

Until the sun rises

And we marblelize again.

Solidly vowed.

History renewed.

Bodies lustfully stoned,

Entombed by a love

Deemed to be true.

Eternally betrothed.

Perfecting our nude.


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