This poem is not meant for those under 18 years of age.  Slightly explicit.


By mstmha


I breathe,

Exhaling floods of relief

Memories of unrepenting storms

That once surrounded me.

I recall the

Freezing rain on my face

Lashing so I could not see.

Shivering from your crackling sounds like thunder

That spewed between you and me.

I felt the

Electric forks of light that darted from your eyes

Avenging my rounding body

With your hate that I once denied.

Trees crashing through our walls

For all the world to see.

Never had I fathomed,

My viral plague,

That you horned me obsessively

“Stop this rain of pain!”, to your menacing face I say.

“Bring forth your vivid fire

So that I may put it out for good.

Relinquish me from your horrendous trials

So that I may be soothed.”

“Your hell is your own, not mine.

I have not what it takes

To survive in your school of rape.

Your venom is deathing;

As your bait I cannot stay.”

Forcefully, you stripped me down of my prideful layers.

Leaving nothing but the shine of an unvowful ring.


You did not care

About the joy that it should bring.

You tortured me, as you laid me down.

Your voice shrieked with just belief.

You knew that you could take me there

To your playground of gluttonous release.

Your fingers fondled monsterously.

Groping my body,

Hotly defeating me.

The tender dip within my universe

Scoring tides, wetly depleting.

Then you enter that well of my being

Aggressive with your seeding approach

Wetting your stemming weapon

Paining, I began to choke.

Throned in my body,

The rush consumes your eyes.

Your seeding duties you won’t deny.

As your manliness pumps deep within me

And you release heavily with pride.

Still unsatisfied with your devious undertaking

My torture did not end

You flip me around

Like your slave in shackles

And thrash my being once again.

Your pleasure reaped and your hostility waned.

But your aggression never subsided.

Holding me unbearably close

Lifeline pulsating within

Resusitating your devil guide.

Hoarsely, in my ear, you let me in on

That anal morality that you reek.

You say to me, Lucifered horns gleaming.

“You are for me and I am for you.

My seed was meant to be.”

Your madness surfaces once again

With the realization that I was unafraid.

You grab my arms and pin me down

Then once again my body paid.

Watching speechless,

You complete your sin

Raping to the third degree

Filling me with your semened diamond

The demi-child that only I could bring.

Fused deeply in my mind

I prayed that I would escape

Your culted creaming

Flooding me with hate.

My voice cuttingly harsh as I speak to thee.

“This blessed child is mine, my Beezelbub.

This you will surely see.

Your sadists addictions will be no more.

Karma you will reap.”

Your hatred dredges forth again.

Your control, you will not release.

While that semened fantasy of a deviled child

Obsesses your mind with your need.

Snarling, you raise your head.

Eyes red with fevered heat.

“I’ll kill you dead, my Ezechial queen

Before you ever leave me.”

“Your body is mine.

You are not blessed.

Satan is your seed.

Burning your womb like an infinite fire.

There is no God but me.”

Tortured to pity

You take my lips

And bite down

Until my blood was freed.

You suckle

Like an infant child.

Vampingly, as if to feed.

Craving, you harden again

Personifying your godless breed.

Fervently, you spread me direly,

Taking me crazily until I screamed.

Possessively you sucked my neck

Leaving bruises from your feen.

Sleepily sated,

You lay down to sleep

Holding me tightly

Like a caged bird who could not sing.

Snoring softly,

I silently free myself

From your steel chains

That had imprisoned me.

Running blindly, nude in the dark

Praying to God,

“Please, Lord, do not forsake me.”

I run outside and gulp the air

Not believing my nightmare was fading.

Now I am standing here without you

With gloried remnants

Of my life’s past.

A deviled child

Who became my angel, my hero.

For him, I braved at last.


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