By mstmha

My stature visionary

As my glowing aestetics captivates you.

Eyes secreted and bed-like

Darkly empowering your senses,

I stare shyly, reading your bio-glyphics.

Reigning Egyptian-like

I am the Isis of your life

The Panthea shrine, your wife.

My feminine sillouetting

Beneath halos of light

Mesmerizing like moon beams amongst stars.

I am not just a mother to your earth

But a familiar lover, closer.

Revived from the scenes

From the memories of your youth.

You fancied me as the goddess

Of your dreams as I adored you.

Sinking royally into your steaming bath of bliss.

Pampering you softly with sponges scented with my kiss

My hands slickly glide across your bronze physique;

Cherishing like a jeweled coffer.

Engrossed beyond denomination.

Jealously, I surround thee

With arms surrendering warmly.

You are my Osiris.

Devotingly by your side, I smile

And you hold me justifying the same.

Ringed in our universe.

No earthly unnatural to tear away

The sanction of our Heaven

As we embrace.


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