By mstmha


Tell me again why I adore you

As you lay here beside me

Like the sweetest of chocolates.

My Hershey’s kiss

that makes my Starburst

With our sins.


Tell me again why I adore you

When I Snicker with just un-belief

As you tease me with your Rock candy

Rubbing hands across my back

With your Butterfingers

To soothe.

So tender in the descending afternoon.


It seems you love your Bit-O-Honey

As you kiss me softly on the ear

Scoring sugar candy

Pouring from my lips.

Like Love Hearts, words so dear.


Now or Later we will have to awaken

From those Caramello kisses

That brings us Almond Joy.

Cozying by the Krackle of the fire

Sipping peppermint martinis

From a Sky Bar galore.


Sugar Daddy, we will meet again

And you’ll Hubba Bubba

When I Skittle onto your lap.

Creaming your Milky Way

As my Tootsie Rolls.

Your doting honey snack.


You are my Lifesaver

When my Jolly Rancher

Leaves me so forlorn.

The Jawbreaker

When I’m in need.

My Musketeer when scorned.


Tell me again why I adore you.

Tell me why my Kit Kat

Wants to melt to your adore.

Explain to me again why I adore you,

And you answer,

“I am your sweet tooth, your mellow S’more.”


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