Who is the “Fortress 500”?

It sounds as if the The New World Order may be in effect according to the research of William Dean Ross as he quotes…

“That is why many conservatives, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists are on the surveillance and extermination lists. That is why more anti-Constitutional laws are becoming the “New Law.” That is why those in the know from all religions and political ideologies are getting concerned.”


Now, the biggest question is who will be the last survivers of the NWO if their plan actually works? Who will control the money of the world in not just the ‘Fortune 500’ but what I would like to call the ‘Fortress 500’ or ‘Fortress 5’?  With so many lives to be eliminated in the near future, it would most certainly be a fortress indeed. 

See For Yourself – Selected
Elites & Their NWO Affiliations-From an article written on 12-21-00

The Elitest list copied from the following link:

So…who will really be the rulers of the world? Will we even survive to talk about it?


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