Hell’s Cave

“Hell’s Cave”

By ms.tmha

You have to be crazy

To deal with life’s craziness,

The King, my friend, said to me.

With such brevity

And I laughed.

Such an unwarranted speech.


Yet inhumanly,

His words vibrated in my ears

And I lifted my head

To He, the unforgotten Spirit

Who engineered

So meticulously

My continuous road’s

Distorting extremities.

And then I rose instinctively,

And walked quietly down

That path

Of ugly nuisances.

That road not yet traveled.

Enduring His tests faithfully

Because I believed

That He believed

My dreams

As not just visionary.

So surreal

Was my journey

As I leaped,


From that scorching

Rocky path

Over that jagged cliff


Down into

Those fiercely crashing waters

Of life’s abyss.


My open sores bled

Crimson drops of remorse

In heated waters

As I swam through

Those hell dark caverns.

Winding through

Endless miles of coral hands

Reaching stabbingly,

Attempting to distract me from

That clammed pearl

Called Destiny.

Yet, still, seekingly,

I push forward



Through life’s animosities.

Then as if by Heaven

It was sent,

The oxygen filled water above

Illuminated brightly.

Beckoning me,


So that now

I could see

That my fate

Had unobtrusively

Unraveled before me.

With such clarity,

A verity,


Transitioning all negativity

That was thrust before me

To the Highest of positivities.

For the irony


In Hell’s dark cave,

Was the heavenly pearl

Of my own victory.


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